Planning a Baby Shower? Get the best decoration ideas to make your day memorable

Knock Knock! Someone on arrival? Wowww! Big congratulations to the parents!
You both must be excited to hold your cute little munchkin in arms and bestow your immense love on him/her. Let the mom-to-be little relax and savour this special time by hosting a magnificent baby shower celebration that she won’t forget soon. Baby Shower is a fun filled ceremony leaving behind the cute memories. It’s an amazing time for everyone in the family, especially for the new parents.

Importance of Baby Shower for first-time parents:

In every culture, baby shower holds an eminent importance. It’s a wonderful way to be surrounded by loved ones before the big day is here. The mom-to-be is showered with blessings, sweets, dry fruits and gifts that keep the mother’s mood delightful, boosts her morale and brings good impact upon baby’s growth.

She is also offered with gifts that will help her in nurturing her baby in the best way. The mother receives a lot of fruitful advices from her friends and family that help her stay strong and prepare her for a new beginning. Mommy dear also enjoys chilling with her dear ones, chat and giggle with them. Her day gets filled with enthusiasm and cheers.

Baby shower is the first official celebration for the baby – to – be and mom – to – be and definitely you want everything of this festivity up-to-the mark. Such a splendid occasion must be embellished with amazing decoration. With lots of advices bumping on your head, you must be confused about the baby shower decoration?

image 5 1Don’t worry! Here we bring a bunch of baby shower decoration ideas that will simply mesmerize the mommy and your guests:

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  1. Rainbow Balloon Arch: Bring life to your party with fabulous rainbow shaped balloons. Place vibrant colored balloons in the form of rainbow and flatter walls in an innovative manner. The baby shower decoration spreads happy vibes all around and looks amazing as a backdrop to the baby shower party. You can also add extra sparkle to this design by opting for confetti – filled balloons.
  2. Tassel Garlands: Want to add a creative touch to the whole affair? Placing tassel garlands is the best idea. The colourful nylon strands are elegant and classy that helps elevate the décor space which is so overwhelming for the mom-to-be and other guests. The tassel garlands can be made jazzier by adding poms poms and beads.
  3. Umbrella Outdoor Decoration: Planning an outdoor decoration? Go for umbrella theme. The colorful umbrella decoration will surprise the expecting mother and she will feel superbly lucky to experience fairy tale décor all around. The decoration will look even better when added led lights. Everyone will love to look at this décor and make your party a big hit. Don’t forget to share this heart stealing decoration on social media platforms like – Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Place Clothes Banner: We can’t deny the fact that how clothes banner makes heart stealing decorations for baby showers. The cute little dresses of the baby clipped on the rope look stunning and grace the wall with innocence and sweetness.
  5. Hang Paper Lanterns: The affordable and cool paper lantern is one of the most classy baby shower decoration ideas that bring elegance and sophistication to the spaces. Paper lanterns are made of brightly colored paper and come in different sizes and shapes which help create a joyful aura in the surroundings. The lanterns help add visual interest to the venue. The vibrant paper lanterns are the best décor item for outdoor baby shower decoration. They create a wonderful ambiance on the tree branches.
  6. Moon and Stars Balloons: Want to add celestial feel to the corners of your home? Place moon and stars balloons to bring natural feel around and impress the mom-to-be with your awesome. Seeing such a beautiful décor, her eyes and heart will be enlightened. Her face will glow up with the light of love, care and happiness.
  7. Decorate Mother’s chair: The mother’s chair can be decorated with the garland of marigold and rose flowers. The combination of red and marigold will look appealing. The aroma of fresh flowers will rejuvenate the mother’s mind. If she is allergic to smells, the binding the back of chair with pastel colored ribbons – sky blue, peach and pink can be a great idea. Sitting on such a pretty chair would let her forget pregnancy mood swings and calmness and positivity will take the room.
  8. LED Letter Lights: Sparkle your walls on the wonderful occasion of baby shower with LED lights. These lights are subtle in its lamination and add a much of dazzle to the celebration. You can arrange LED lights in the words of “Baby Shower Celebration” or “Baby in making” or “Soon to arrive.” It would become really pleasing for parents and guests to embrace such kind of baby shower decoration Dubai.


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Baby shower decoration Rental Dubai

Baby Shower is an excellent way to pamper the expectant mothers and help them getting ready with parenting responsibilities. So, if you are planning a beautiful baby shower party, then, go for baby shower decoration rental equipment. They help you bring everything that you need for baby shower extravaganza.

  1. Mother’s Chair: Walking and sitting is not so easy during the last months of the pregnancy. Hence, it is really important that the host must arrange a queenly yet comfortable chair for the mom-to-be. You can pick the color and material of the chair as per the choice of the mother.
  2. Photo Booths: Photo frames are what you need to make the baby shower celebration super awesome. The Photo booths add flair of quirkiness which invite all the guests including the mom-to-be to come together, have fun while clicking adorable pictures and freeze significant memories for years to come.
  3. Flower vases: Jazz up the baby shower venue with beautiful flower vases. It is one of the beautiful baby shower decoration Dubai ideas that attracts eyeballs and elevates the table settings and sets the tone for the celebration. Don’t put same kind of flowers in all the vases, instead fill different flowers in every vase.
  4. Table and chair tops: While flattering the walls, entrance and corners, the dining and sitting settings should not be overlooked during baby shower decoration. The great table cloth and chair cloth with matching color and texture should be decorated to raise the festivity of baby shower.

Fern Event Rentals: # 1 Event Rental Company in Dubai

Fern Event Rentals has earned a great reputation for its rental equipment for baby shower party. For us renting out decorative and other essential items is not just a means for profit making but it’s an emotion that we live for our clients. We aim to soar the excitement of baby shower celebration with our one-of-a-kind decoration items like – candle holders, lanterns, tents, props and many more. Apart from this, we also offer essential items like – couches, chairs, tables and carpets to bring comfort and grace to the party décor.


Q1. What is a baby shower, and what is the purpose of it?

Ans. Baby shower is a ritual that is organized in the celebration of the upcoming of a new baby. It’s purpose is to show emotional support to the mom-to-be and give her the well wishes for the upcoming journey and bestow a lot of gifts that will be needed to care of a baby.

Q2. What are the best gift ideas for baby shower?

Ans. Baby grooming kit, 2 piece set, soft toys, book name books, baby carrier and baby neck pillow are some of the best gifts for baby shower.

Q3. What is a list of all the things that we can rent out for baby shower?

Ans. Chandeliers, candle holders, couches, event carpet, backdrop wall, coffee tables, Arabic tents and frame mirrors are the things that we rent out for baby shower decoration.

Q4. Why is hosting a baby shower for first-time parents important?

Ans.  Hosting a baby shower is important as it prayers and chants for the expectant mom and baby’s health.



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