Celebrate the Grad With a Spectacular Graduation Party

Time flies! Just a few days back, you had enrolled yourself to a Graduation program, but look now you are soon to be graduated. This phase must have been simply amazing. Right from lecture hall to canteen to event auditorium, every space of your college has a story to tell and memories to share. The canteen fun, group studies, event rehearsal, everything is so close to your hearts that whenever you would think of those moments, a smile must come up on your face. So, now when you are in the last leg of Graduation days that marks the start of amazing chapter of your life, you deserve a celebration worth remembering.It’s time to explore magnificent party themes and graduation decoration ideas to take your graduation extravaganza to the next level. So, without any further delay, let’s get started: 

    1. Tie balloon photo chandelier on roof: Graduation party is all celebrating togetherness with best pals and remembering the most heartfelt moments of life. When it comes to graduation party decoration, fancy Chandeliers and shiny balloons have a small role to play. Instead go for a balloon photo chandelier. Tie the candid pictures with these balloons to scatter throughout the party space. When your friends will arrive at the party venue, they will be stunned to see your creativity level and won’t resist appreciating your innovative thought again and again.
    1. Place friendship quotes on the walls: Adorn your walls with the loving friendship quotes, so that everyone present in the party l feel connected and spread adorable vibes for each other. Reading the saga of friendships, they will feel that even if friends will move forward to their respective careers, the bond between all will remain same and feel so lucky to have such amazing friends in life.
    1. Hang signature board: A signature board is the perfect way to preserve the well wishes of your favourite buddies and make an incredible graduation party decoration element. You can ask all your graduation friends to write their messages and thoughts about you and spending time with you. Everyone will enjoy pouring their hearts for your and create a timeless treasure.
    1. Make most of Graduation party banner: Jazz up the party venue with cheers and happiness by placing party banner on the walls. These decorative and bright vinyl banners honor the guests in the most welcoming manner. You can find a perfect layout to personalise your banner in the most unique way.  You can customise it by placing the pictures of your friends and personalised message. You will see twinkle in the eyes of your invitees whomsoever will look at this one – of – a – kind banner.
    1. Arrange Jig Saw Puzzle Corner: Take a print of faces of all your friends and convert them into different pieces having various shapes like – Circle, Heart, Square and Rectangle. Now during party, invite all your friends to arrange the puzzle. It would be really fun to watch all your friends brainstorming over it and pulling each other’s leg in a sarcastic way. Once the grad friends finish up putting pieces correctly, they can redo the puzzle again and your personalised home décor piece will be ready in no time.
    1. Personalised Garden Flags: Are you planning an outdoor garden party? Wow! That’s so amazing. Adorn your wonderful outdoor garden with customised flags. When your guests will see these personalised flags featuring the images, initial or last name of all your guests, they will be highly impressed and would love searching their identity. More than that, they will enjoy taking its image and sharing on social media platforms. Such a heartfelt graduation decoration will definitely attract visitors and add extra flair to the place.

      Graduation Party Decoration Rentals (Table, furniture, stage etc.)

At the end Graduation parties are all about bringing people together and enjoy the company of each other. Keeping this in mind throughout the process, it is important that the host must procure all the important furniture on rent to throw Graduation party.

Graduation Party Decoration


    1. Tables and tablecloth: Fine awesome graduation decoration is eminent, but we can’t overlook the essential items. On this list, table tops the list. Before weeks, you must book a long and durable table, so that from starters to main course to sweets, everything can be served on this table. Keep the tablecloth and other graduation party table decoration in sync with the party theme.
    1. Chairs and couches: No matter how beautiful the graduation party decoration is. Unless and until, guests won’t get the comfortable seats to sit, they will not feel pleasant coming into your party. You must arrange comfortable couches and bean bags to let them relax and enjoy their meals.  If you want to keep the budget nominal, then simple chairs are best to adorn the party space.
    1. Stage: In Graduation party, the guests come up with the long script of speech to express their thoughts and love for the pals with whom they have spent 3 or 4 years of life. For this, the stage becomes the necessary item to be set. Make sure that the size of the stage is adjustable in respect of height, length and width according to the venue.
    1. DJ Floor: Party without DJ? Naaaah! So, arrange a rocking DJ floor for your upcoming party. It must be featured with flashlights, laser lights and snowy effect. This adds a touch of drama and lets every person to dance without inhibitions and enjoy every beat of music. Place the DJ floor judiciously, so that it doesn’t hamper the beauty of graduation decoration.
    1. Tents: If you’re planning an outdoor evening graduation party, then you can arrange tents. Enjoy singing sessions while sitting inside the tents and enjoy yummy food with your adorable friends.
  1. Picture Frames: Make graduation season alive within hearts by setting up a photo booth at the graduation party. These light weight photo booth frames are easy to install and makes an Instagram worthy image. 

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Whether you want to host a Graduation event party in an enclosed space or in the middle of the desert, you can create the best possible experience for the guests with Fern Event Rental. We offer best-in-class furniture on rent that match up with your graduation party decoration theme on time, every time. So, get in touch with us today and bring an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Graduation Party


FAQs :

Q1. How to decorate for graduation party?
Ans. You can decorate graduation party with ribbons, photo frames, attractive tablecloths and centrepieces. You can also elevate the graduation décor with hanging decorations like Garlands and metal tassels. 

Q2. What activities can be the part of a graduation party?
Ans. You can run a compilation video of all the lovely moments spent with your pals during college days. Dance and singing performance can be organized for the best dancers and singers. You can also invite your friends on the stage to let them express their experiences with you.

Q3. What do you serve at an outdoor graduation party?
Ans. Sandwiches, burgers, cookies, beverages like – tea and coffee and juices are some of the best dishes for an outdoor graduation party.

Q4. What are the things that we can rent out for graduation party?
Ans.  Here at Fern Event Rentals, we rent out candle holders, chandeliers, lanterns, event carpet,  arabic tents, bar counters, DJ booth and many more.

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