How to Host Your Outdoor Event in the times of the COVID pandemic?

As we start to venture out into the stages of reopening UAE following the COVID-19 pandemic, we can observe possibility for your events to take place! Indeed, we too are excited to get back into being part of some incredible events just in time in the beautiful summer weather. Fern Event Rentals is sharing essential tips and tricks on how to successfully host your events in your backyard, that could be a birthday, graduation, bridal shower or holiday party; and we are all set to get into the planning process and offer you a seamless experience.
Step 1: Understanding the Laws
Before you start planning your event, it is important that you understand the laws and abide to them. Get information about regulations on the number of guests one is allowed to have at an event. In fact, it is important for the sake of keeping your guests safe and at the same time, avoid fines or getting your event shut down abruptly.
Step 2: Fix your Location
We strive to have the opportunity of putting creative efforts with our outdoor events! Look for the areas that allow venues that offer spacious outdoor spaces to set up a tent, or you can also choose your own backyard; either way your outdoor set up can any time get transformed into a beautiful event with decor and florals.
Step 3: Including Décor and Florals
This is perhaps our favourite part. Transforming the outdoor space into a party space with decor and florals is destined to make your guests feel special, especially after being quarantined in the lockdown period! You can in fact, add lounges, bars, photo opportunities and much more! It’s amazing to see how beautiful an outdoor event could be transformed into with added florals, props and other décor. Check our website or Instagram page to see how we lead your event to success with exclusive range of high quality furniture, props, décor etc.

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