Important Things to Know When Renting Portable Electric Heaters

UAE has wide fluctuating temperatures, ranging from 40-45 degrees during the day to less than 5 degrees at night. Electric heaters are the most preferred way to ensure guests are kept warm during the desert nights and UAE winters.

Electric heaters also come in a portable option allowing those who are travelling or spending the night at the dessert to stay in warm comfort during the night. Portable electric heaters also come in use for outdoor evening events such as marriages, outdoor parties or lawn-based events.

Choosing the right electric heater for your needs could be confusing if you do not have the correct information about it. This blog details out what are the aspects one should look for while renting or buying an electric heater.

What is Electric Heater? And why do we need it?

Let us understand how electric heaters work. It is an electric device that converts electric energy into heat energy through resistors. It controls the temperature with the help of an adjustable thermostat which adjusts the heat settings as per requirement. We need electric heaters to keep our room warm as it converts the cold air to hot air through heating powers.

Key Features of electric heaters

Portability– A portable electric fan heater can be used at the home, office or outside. You can easily carry it easily as per your requirement. Space heaters are small and compact heaters used to heat a single small or medium-sized room.

Temperature monitoring and Control:-The overheating protection feature of electric heaters monitors and controls the room’s temperature according to the user’s need.”

Energy Efficient:- Energy efficiency is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about electric heaters. Due to advanced technology, we now have energy-efficient electric heaters in the market.

Design and Flexibility: The adjustable thermostat in electric heaters allows it to adjust automatically as per requirements.

The electric heater can also be controlled via remote, making it easy to operate with just a click of a button.

Kinds of Electric Heater

Several electric heaters are available, but this blog will list the common ones.

Space Heaters: It is small and compact, mainly used to warm small enclosed areas like a study room, bedroom etc.

Infrared Heaters: This electric heater acts like the sun and emits gentle and constant heat. It has a high-temperature body and uses electromagnetic radiation to transfer heat to lower temperature body.

Convection Heater: It uses convection currents to produce heat, and when the hot air mixes with cold air in the room, it slowly warms the room. It is an ideal electric heater for medium-sized rooms.

Ceramic Heater:  Typically used to heat small rooms and offices. Ceramic heaters use a heating element with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) to heat the room.

Fan Heater: It is also known as a blow heater which uses a fan to blow hot air. It warms the surroundings faster as compared to electric heaters without fans. It also comes as remote control portable heaters in the market.

Wall Mounted Electric Heater: It provides an alternate solution to the traditional chimney to heat the room. It can be fitted on a wall and emits comfortable background heat. It can be controlled by remote and timers which provides an energy-efficient way to heat the room.

What are the essential things to know when renting portable electric heaters?

Keep these four factors in your mind before renting a portable electric heater.

Heating Ability

Choose the electric heater as per your requirement. If you want to use it for a large room or auditorium, you may need Convection heaters, whereas if you need it for small spaces, then Radiant and Fan-forced heaters could be a better option.

Energy Efficiency

Always check the (EER) Energy Efficiency Rating of the electric heater before renting. We recommend you to use heaters with low wattage and adjustable thermostats, which will eventually minimize the power consumption of the electric heater and save you from high electricity bills.


It is one of the crucial things that people generally ignore. You should never overlook this feature. Almost all electrical appliances make noise, and you should check the amount of noise the electric heater produces before buying one.

Safety Features

One should not avoid safety features even if it costs a few more bucks because slight safety ignorance can cause significant damage. Make sure you choose electric heaters with a shockproof and cool-to-touch body. Fern Event Rentals provides electric heaters with advanced features like a shockproof outer surface and instant heating feature, which quickly heat the area and control the temperature with an automatic heat setting.

Keep in Mind these Safety Tips for Electric Heater Rentals

  • Never touch the electric heater while wearing wet clothes.
  • Always keep the electric heater away from water and moisture.
  • Don’t use electric heaters to dry wet clothes (like socks, soggy gloves, coats etc.) even for a few minutes. It may cause damage to the heater.
  • Never let the heater unattended in the room.
  • Never place an electric heater close to flammable materials like plastic bags, papers, vinyl sheets, etc.
  • Do not place wires of the electric heater under rugs and carpets because it may damage the wire and cause a fire.
  • Please keep your pets away from the fan heater; it may cause electric shock and burn to your pets.
  • Do not run an electric heater overnight. Always use it in intervals which prevent it from overheating and short circuits.

Why Choose Fern?

Why spend more money to buy an electric heater when you can rent it at affordable rates? Generally, renting is always an affordable option that people use, which doesn’t put the burden of hefty costs on their pocket. You can choose Fern Event Rentals to rent the best available portable electric heaters according to your specific requirement.

Finding an ideal rental partner who will save both your money and time would be a difficult task. But don’t worry, we are your saviour. Now rent portable electric heaters at the best price all across UAE. Be it your grand late-night marriage ceremony in Dubai or to provide comfortable warmth to your guests at a five-star hotel in Sharjah. We take care of all.

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