Party Decoration Ideas For Your Party

Planning to host your birthday party? Or maybe you’re about to celebrate your silver jubilee? Whatever the occasion is! You must be relentlessly searching on the fresh and exciting party ideas to make the celebration memorable and unforgettable for you and your loved ones. Well if it is so, then you have landed upon the right place. Here we bring most enthralling party decoration ideas. So, without any further delay! Let’s get started:

Party Decoration Ideas:

Parties are the most fun filled moments of our life. People come together and spread lovely vibes all around. No matter whether it’s a birthday or a wedding or even a New Year boat cruise party, decoration always remain the ingredient part of the celebration. Here we bring some of the most heart touching party decoration ideas.

  1. 1.Balloon Garland: Balloon Garand is one of the enchanting ways to decorate the stage. It brings a wow effect to the space and guests feel pleasant vibes seeing the balloon beauty. You can make a Garland using thoughtful patterns. Heart shaped balloons look wonderful during occasions like – Wedding, Anniversary function or Engagement. Whereas, confetti balloons are best fit for birthday parties.
  2. 2. Frame Photo Booths: Want to make your party larger than life? Install frame photo booths for your upcoming party event. It fills the celebration with amusement and empowers people to be socially associated. Guests enjoy clicking and posting pictures with frame photo booths on social media and gather gazillion of compliments.
  3. 3. Foil/Matte Tassel Backdrop: Bring an ultimate jazz to party events with Foil/Matte Tassel backdrop. A backdrop emphasises the theme of event plus infuse excitement in the celebration. Everyone feels so happy seeing them on the walls. It also adds oomph factor to your photography and videography goals.
  4. 4. Floral Decoration: When it comes to party decoration in Dubai, floral decoration can never be outdated. It adds a subtle tone to your décor and makes spaces look super amazing and attractive. These are the perfect pick for traditional occasions like – weddings, engagements and also for festive season like – Ramadan. Floral decoration is so flattering that it makes the guests feel go crazy and assume as if they are entering heaven.
  5. 5. Chandeliers and lanterns: Want to light up the aura of upcoming celebration? Go for chandeliers and lanterns. The lightening of these décor pieces is really soft which looks soothing to eyes and calms our senses. Here at Fern, we offer interesting range of Chandeliers and lanterns to add a splash of color to your event.
  6. 6. Funky Bar counters and DJ booths. Celebrations without drinks and dance? Naaaah! Make bar counters super attractive by choosing super classy stools and chairs. Guests will love to sip in their drinks while sitting on this ultra-comfy furniture. You can also add a spunk to the fun by setting up amazing and filmy booth inviting everyone to shake their leg till the party ends.
  7. 7. Fancy lounge chairs, pouffes, ottomans: Make your upcoming party celebration whimsical and dreamy by choosing one of a kind yet cosy furniture. They don’t just give rest to the guests when they get tired walking around but also make them feel happy while experiencing this rarely found richness.


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Party Decoration Services in Dubai:

Dubai’s economy is a house of cards. Event industry definitely holds a huge contribution towards it. Dubai is Worldwide renowned for its eccentric party services. Excited to know more about them? Let’s scroll:

  1. 1. Villa Party Decoration: Want to get private for your upcoming celebration? Go for Villa Parties. You can dance, drink, smoke all light long. The villas can be beautifully decorated by arranging comfortable furniture around, placing lowers bouquets on center tables aesthetically and adding stunning lightening effect around swimming pool.
  2. 2. Birthday Party Decoration: Whether you are turning 20 or 40, birthday is always special. You can kickass the birthday celebration by choosing the right theme and heart throbbing party décor. If it’s an outdoor celebration, then choosing wooden furniture can be one of the incredible party decoration ideas. Colored balloon decoration will be cherry on the cake.
  3. 3. Wedding Party Decoration: Weddings are the memorable experience of life and ravishing wedding decoration makes the event more memorable. Wedding events can be decorated with white florals or yellow florals. Candles can also be used for decoration to bring traditional feel for the visitors.
  4. 4. Ramadan Party Decoration: Get your guests into Ramadan Spirit with magnificent Ramadan party decoration in Dubai. Decorate the entrance with balloons and flowers. Arrange cutlery neatly over the food table and the gift table.
  5. 5. Desert Party Decoration: Desert parties have their own unusual fun. You sit with your friends and discuss about your favourite topics, all under glorious sunshine and clear skies. One can decorate the surroundings with curtains, Arabic tents and designer tents. For sitting purpose, you can opt for Kosha sofas.
  6. 6. Boat Cruise Party Decoration: Celebrate your birthday party and anniversary party in style by organizing boat cruise party decoration. You can decorate the boat with crepe ribbons and flowers. Use props to capture the adorable moments of life with perfect pictures.

Party Decoration Items Rent:

If party decoration makes the event look dreamy, furniture adds functionality to the event. Let your guests feel cosy and comfortable by choosing the right furniture items. If you are arranging an event outdoor, then you can opt for tent and benches to create a rustic ambience. While if you’re arranging an indoor event, then Kosha Sofa, Pouffes and Ottomans can be your choice.

Tents bring a great appeal and a pleasant ambience if you’re hosting a party event in deserts. Depending upon the event you’re hosting, you can opt for bar décor. The bar décor can be empowered with the perfect amalgamation of lightening, colors and projections, creating different visual effects.

Plan your next event with Fern Event Rentals

Fern Event rental is one of the most trustworthy event rental companies in Dubai offering top notch rental items for events whether it’s furniture, party decoration items or props. Our team is staffed with most detail – oriented and creative individuals who help you to organize impactful and unforgettable events.

At Fern Event Rentals, we take pride in going the extra miles with you ensuring that your event remains up to the mark and you receive loads and loads of appreciation for your work.


Q1. Have you ever worked with brands?
Ans. Yes many times! Dubai Police, Armani, Emaar and Emirates Hospitals are some of the brand names with whom we have worked in past.

Q2. What are your days of working?
Ans. We work 24 x 7, 365 days.

Q3. Besides décor and props, do you also offer equipment and fixtures?
Ans. Yes! Of course! AC Fan Coolers, Heaters, Refrigerators and Showcases/Mirrors are some of the premier equipment and fixtures offered by us.

Q4. Besides eventing rentals, any other service you cater to your customers?
Ans. Yes, we also rent furniture for office premises at an affordable price.

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