Ramadan Decoration Ideas in 2022

Weeks ago, Ramadan decoration starts in Dubai. Ramadan is an eminent festival all over the world. In Islam, celebrated in the ninth month of the Hijri calendar. Ramadan is the holy month of fasting. It is celebrated as the month during which God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad the Qur’an (Islam’s holy book). It is a time of spiritual renewal and purification. During this month, one is expected to put more effort to follow the teachings of Islam and abstain from eating & drinking from dawn to dusk, involved in immoral behavior. This year Ramadan will start from 2nd April 2022 to 1st May 2022, so be excited to view heart-throbbing Ramadan decoration in Dubai.

Why is Ramadan important in Dubai?

Ramadan is the most sacred time to visit Dubai to experience auspicious Islamic traditions and beautify your inner World with awesome Ramadan decorations across the city. During this occasion, the actions of generosity and charity are followed in Dubai. People introspect and practice self-control, sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less privileged.

How Ramadan is celebrated?


During Ramadan month, after keeping fast for the whole day, evening prayers are performed in the mosque, known as ‘Taraweeh’. Then, the fast is broken after sunset with a meal, called ‘Iftar’ During the ‘Iftar’ party, people gather and eat dates, along with milk, water, or juice. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad had broken his fast with dates. Eid-al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan. During this occasion, the day starts with morning prayers; friends and families greet one another, give presents and wear new clothes. Friends and families start gathering together and enjoy a rich feast.

10 Creative Ramadan Decoration Ideas

As Ramadan lasts for an entire month, hence you get several weeks to decorate your home while celebrating God’s love. Short of decoration ideas? Not a problem! Here we bring amazing Ramadan decoration ideas to get your space ready this festive season. Have a look:

Metallic/Wooden Colourful Lanterns: During the pious month of Ramadan, create a magical atmosphere in your living room by hanging wooden lanterns on the roof. The wooden lanterns scatter the light in the space beautifully and bring a peaceful effect on our senses. You can also use them on your balcony to enjoy cozy evenings.

Ramadan Kareem Door Hanger: Add rustic flair to Ramadan celebrations by decorating your entrance with creatively designed door hangers of ‘Ramadan Kareem’ in English or Arabic Calligraphy. It will give your guests a warm welcome with Ramadanwishes! If you’re not finding it aesthetic on the front door, then you can place it on the main wall of your home. It will equally look good.

Ramadan calendar: You can remember Ramadan dates by placing Ramadan Calendar on one of the walls of your homes. You can buy it online or make it on your own. For Ramadan handmade calendar, you have to simply write the dates on the white chart or take out a print of a digitally designed Ramadan Calendar and get it framed.

Adorn the walls with Islamic Art: Ramadan is all about growing spiritually and building a stronger relationship with Allah. Placing Islamic Arts on the walls is a great idea to let your mind connect with the Supreme soul. It brings us into a deeper relationship with God and leads to remain on the path of purity and selflessness.

Paper Crescent lanterns hanging from the wall: Ramadan has a special connection with Moon. The moon signifies the start and the end of the holy month of Ramadan. So, you can opt for paper moon lanterns. It is one of the most incredible Ramadan decorations ideas in UAE that gets you in a joyful moon and makes you feel the serene vibes of the calming moon.

Ramadan alphabetical Candles: You can beautify your spaces and atmosphere with heavenly vibes by lighting up Ramadan alphabetical candles and then arranging them in an order of R-A-M-A-D-A-N. It will definitely bring an aesthetic appeal to your home during the month of Ramadan and spread more love and light in your life and your family members.

Floral ‘Iftar’ table decoration: Flowers are the symbol of love, grace, and prosperity. So, flattering your ‘Iftar’ table with a stunning floral arrangement is definitely one of the awesome Ramadan decoration ideas. The vibrant colors of the flowers will make the ‘Iftar’ table flourish and uplift the mood of family members to enjoy every bite of their meal. You can experiment more by arranging table cloths, table runners, and table mats in the contrast colors of flowers. This style will pump the appeal of the ‘Iftar’ table and accentuate the festive atmosphere.

Paper moon and star chandeliers: Decorating your ceilings with illuminated paper moon and star chandeliers is another amazing Ramadan decorations idea. The glitters of stars and moon send an air of whimsy vibes around and make one feel happy and tranquil.

Place Silver balloons: Bored of old plain balloons, then opt for Silver glitter balloons to enhance your décor this Ramadan. They add amusing vibes around and attract the eyeballs of every person who visits your home to greet Ramadan wishes.

Flatter your walls with Mosque shaped ‘Happy Ramadan’ banner: You can decorate your walls with the enchanting banner of ‘Happy Ramadan.’ You can cut each paper of the alphabet in the mosque shape, synchronize and tie them with strings. Your DIY Ramadan decoration banner is ready to glow up your dwelling during this spiritual festive season.

Eid Mubarak Decorations:

The holy Ramadan month ends with Eid celebrations. It’s a perfect opportunity to thank Allah for helping them get through the fasting days and follow spiritual discipline. During this festival, people decorate their homes with lots of love. Here are some of the best Eid decoration ideas. Excited to know about them? So, without any further delay, let’s check out them:

Fairy lightening: This festive season of Eid, try fairy lights. You can hang them on the entrance; stuff them into a vase or bottle. Another interesting way to decorate them is to line them up on the sheer curtains. Seeing this eye-catching Eid decoration, your guests will shower you with a lot of compliments.

Eid Mubarak Dubai wreath: Eid Mubarak wreath is quite easy to create. You need an assortment of flowers, twigs, fruits, and various materials to create a ring structured wreath. Then, you can write ‘Eid Mubarak Dubai greeting on the center of it to make it eye-catching and then hang them on the front doors or other corners of the house. It will look divine and enduring.

Place sparkling cushions on your furniture: Glittery cushions and bedsheets are some of the best Eid decoration ideas to jazz up your homes during the occasion of Ramadan. You can add some pictures of stars and the moon to make it look more attractive. You can also print the quotes like – “Happy Eid”, “Eid Mubarak” or “My first Eid.” etc.

Gift tags to wrap Eidi: You can opt for cute gift wrapping ideas to wrap your Eidi in an interesting manner. You can cut a gift tag in the form of hearts, mosques, stars, or moon and paste them on the packaged gift or you can hang the gift tag by making a small hole within the packaging paper and then hang it with the help of a colorful string.

Arrange a special Eid dining table: Eid decorations without a fat dining table remain incomplete. You can make the eating place look exquisite by placing metal vases with fresh jasmine, roses, or orchids. Use clay vessels to bring a traditional touch to the dining area and make it look sumptuous and lavish.

Eid Mubarak Dubai
Eid Mubarak Dubai

Ramadan decoration in Dubai:

Ramadan holds religious significance all around the World. The city of dreams, Dubai becomes splendor and grandeur with stunning Ramadan décor Dubai. The streets of Dubai come alive with 3D decorations and marvelous lighting. A joyful atmosphere is created during the Ramadan festival in malls. The malls are decorated with lanterns, chandeliers of moon and stars, decorative candles, flower arrangements, and balloons.


Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and heightened devotion and worship. During this time, people decorate homes just like a fairy tale to bring good luck, health, and prosperity. We are sure our Ramadan decoration ideas will inculcate the spirit of gratitude, joy, and peace in your hearts and welcome happy times ahead.

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