All You Need To Know About Wedding Decorations

One of the best ways to let your individuality shine on your special day is through your wedding decor and your wardrobe. However, remember that there’s more to choosing wedding decor than choosing the first thing you see before crossing things off your to-do list.

The day of your wedding is one of those times when you want everything to be perfect, and choosing the wedding decor requires consideration of several factors. You must have given this important day a lot of thinking. Whether it’s a little family celebration or a sizable gathering, you’ll need a wedding location that matches your requirements and is tastefully decorated.

Every wedding needs decorations since they make the most romantic moments of your life more comfortable and reveal a lot about the type of celebrations you’ll be having.

Everything you need to know on decorating for a wedding

Present-day weddings are all about displaying your flair. There are many ways to express your sense of style, as with traditional custom dresses. Unique themes or imaginative decorations convey grandeur. The wedding gains electrifying energy through decoration. We can choose to go with unconventional and lavish basic or conventional wedding decor.

Especially if your venue is a blank slate, designing your wedding can seem intimidating. It might be challenging to keep track of all the many decor components that go into your wedding decoration because there are so many. A checklist would help you nail every element because of this. This wedding decor checklist will help you remain on top of your wedding preparation regardless of what you decide to include or leave out.
Here is your comprehensive guide to wedding décor provided by Fern Event and Rentals, a renter of wedding decorations. The space where you anticipate spending the least time is the crucial factor that should be considered when choosing wedding decor props for any ceremony. With that in mind, you must choose props like table centerpieces for table decor and other accessories. For your guest pathway, you may check out some intriguing wedding décor accents and crystal lights. If you use this element for your wedding ceremony, it will look luxurious and majestic compared to floral petals, circular arches, and asymmetric floral installations at the altar.

 1. Welcome Sign


Wedding signage is usually one of the last items on your thoughts when you arrange your wedding decor. Although they seem like a tiny touch, wedding signs are one of the first things your guests notice when they arrive and are crucial to your wedding.

Welcome signs accomplish precisely what they say on the tin: they make guests feel welcome! They comfort them that they are where they should be and spare your planner the hassle of confirming this for each person who enters the building. They usually contain your name, the wedding date, and occasionally the location.

2. Flowers and Floral Wedding Décor


Finding suitable floral arrangements is one of the most fun aspects of wedding preparation. They’re a lovely, organic, and simple way to decorate your venue, wedding party, and everything. But they also consume a sizable portion of a wedding budget. Bring a list of all the arrangements you wish to have at your wedding if you’re meeting with your florist shortly.

Given that it will be photographed throughout the day, the bouquet is undoubtedly one of the most significant florals for your wedding. This is the bouquet you get if you’re going to indulge. The flowers of the bridal party will also be captured on camera. If you want to save money, there is nothing wrong with keeping them simple.

3. Centerpieces


Table centerpieces are original works of art. They don’t have to be expensive; simply arranging wildflowers in glass vases will make them stand out. During the reception, your centerpieces will be the center of attention. Your guests will stare at them the entire night while they eat and mingle. As a result, you’ll spend most of your flower budget on these components.

You should also think about your sweetheart’s table. To make their sweetheart table stand out, many couples have their floral contrast from the centerpieces. For example, if all tables have enormous flower centerpieces, attempt a lengthy floral garland for your table. This combines your flowers while also distinguishing the tables.

4. Lighting


Your wedding lighting is both practical and fashionable. It sets the tone for the wedding and highlights all of the details you’ve spent months putting together with your dream vendor team. As a result, it should be at the top of your wedding décor list.

If you opt to make your lighting, consider purchasing lights and candles in bulk and repurposing them during wedding-related events such as your engagement party, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner. You may even use them after the wedding to decorate your home—we adore decor that doubles as a helpful wedding keepsake.

5. Seating


What do you think your guests will notice first when they walk into your wedding venue? The decoration! The wedding decorating captures the first impression and emanates a full feeling about your wedding even before your guests are served hospitality and delectable dishes. The seating area is one feature of your wedding decor that receives a lot of attention (for obvious reasons), and it is also where you should pay the most attention. Whether you choose a sit-down breakfast party or a poolside mehndi, how you seat yourself and your guests set the tone for the rest of your wedding.

6. Table Settings


The table layout and decor must be prioritized. The elements you use to decorate your tables must be consistent with your overall theme. And, unlike in the past, when tables were simply a place to sit and eat, table decor has taken center stage as an integral component of wedding decorations.

Having beautiful tables where you can sit and dine is more gratifying than sitting anyplace. You can opt for long-table decor, round-table decor, OTT centerpieces, small rectangular table decor, and many more options.

7. Cocktail Hour Décor


Cocktail hour is when people mingle the most. Focusing on how your guests will interact at this time is a terrific approach to including décor. As a result, the cocktail hour décor budget should be based on what visitors will be drinking and doing. First, decorate the bar or drink station with florals, signage, distinctive wraps, and other accents, followed by amusing cocktail napkins and drink stirrers. Are you ready to advance? Spend the extra money on edible paper coverings, branded ice, or a gorgeous non-alcoholic beverage station.

Cocktail hour décor ultimate checklist:

  • Bar décor
  • Signature drink signage
  • Custom cocktail napkins
  • Drink stirrers
  • A seating chart and/or escort cards
  • A guest book table

8. Wedding Dinner Table Décor


Dinner is the longest your wedding guests will spend in one spot, so where they sit should be gorgeous. Concentrate on what will be at eye level. Begin budgeting where your guests will spend most of their time, and ensure that’s where the magic happens.

That includes focusing on the place settings, which she elevates with custom linens and tabletop rentals. Walking into a room and seeing simple white dishes and silver flatware does not pique your curiosity. However, you can tell the difference if you see a pink plate, gold silverware, and a cool patterned napkin.

9. Wedding Reception Décor


Because the reception is where your guests will spend most of their time, it is logical for it to consume most of your wedding décor expenditure. Most of your attention should be focused on tabletop décor (more on that later), and how you allocate the remainder is mainly determined by the number of people attending.

Spend money on beautiful bedding and lighting if you have an extensive guest list. These additions will make it feel more personal and intimate. Draping, like lighting, can make an event feel more private and luxurious. It’s also incredibly versatile, as it may cover up plain walls, conceal items, or divide spaces.

Wedding reception décor ultimate checklist:

  • A tent (for an outdoor wedding)
  • Lighting
  • Draping
  • Dance floor
  • Hanging décor or installations such as chandeliers

Where to buy and rent wedding decorations?

Those companies that offer the best-suited decor items depending on your wedding theme are the ones you should go to buy or rent materials. Choose a wedding decor provider who can fully understand the idea of your dream wedding and provides you with items that are perfect for your theme.

The best décor items should be lent out for the ceremony area, dining area, stage, entry, and mandap area depending on the wedding theme. Your wedding decor provider must offer you hand-picked decorative products, including delicately made candle holders, whimsically designed tents for outdoor weddings during the day, classic chandeliers, stunning frame mirrors, and a frame photo booth.


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