10 Smart Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

10 Smart Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

As a business executive, ask yourself these questions:-

-Is your company a regular attendee or host of trade fairs?

-Do you want to stand out from the crowd at a trade show?

-Do you want to bring in many new customers but don’t want to spend the money buying and maintaining your exhibits?

Rentals can be the answer to your Trade show issues. 

If that’s the case, it might be time to think about using trade fair rentals by Fern event rentals. For years, trade fairs have been important marketing and sales strategy for connecting brands with consumers. Participating in trade fairs can help your company level up and help in garnering leads, customers, and media attention to help your business grow and reach new heights. Your trade fair booth is critical to your success as there is a lot of money to be made in these trade fairs.

Fern event rentals are a one-stop-shop for all your rental needs, from food to the pharma industry. We serve the rental requirements of every sector when it comes to trade fair rentals. Trade fair rentals provide you with various benefits such as :

  1. Flexibility

Trade fair rentals provide excellent flexibility in building an exhibit booth because making an exhibit booth takes a lot of time & it’s an intricate process. Without the entire investment of ownership, trade fair rentals allow event marketers to add, remove, and change all parts of their exhibit to suit the unique demands of their organization.

  1. Availability of options

Renting companies such as Fern event rentals provide a wide range of options. In a specific given space, we can offer a wide range of customized options which is portable and innovative to stand out in the crowd.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Renting a trade show booth is a cost-effective approach to get measurable results for a fraction of buying one. On the other hand, renting your booth will reduce the expenditures of maintaining a trade show presence, such as storage fees, repairs and refurbishing services fees, etc.

  1. Low-maintenance

Maintaining an independent trade fair booth can be costly due to its maintenance, but renting one can save you from the trouble by looking after the management & coordinating it. It helps to remove post-show responsibilities, and the damages that occurred during the show will be on the trade fair rental company.

  1. Space management

When you own a trade show exhibit, you must store it somewhere when you are not exhibiting. That implies you’ll need storage space and will have to pay for it elsewhere if you don’t have it. In having a rented trade fair booth/ display, your headache of packing & storage is of the rental company is not yours.

  1. Innovation

Trade fair rental booths always have a space for innovation to meet the client’s demand to make a lasting impact. Choosing a rental programme can benefit your business in several ways. Rental companies such as Fern Event rental provide innovative ideas, concepts, and cutting-edge technology, attracting the crowd and engaging with the audience.

  1. Optimization

Every event is unique, giving you the chance to hone your stage presence. Your Trade fair rentals company’s demands change over time and optimize accordingly to stay in the market. Perhaps you needed space for live demonstrations when you first started, and now you need more electronic equipment. Renting companies help you solve all these issues by evaluating the situation and making the best of it.

  1. Versatility

Display rentals are pretty versatile, and providing you work with a professional design firm; they can include pop-up displays and fabric displays. We construct personalized exhibits, even for rentals, at Fern Event Rentals. You may customize the design to fit your brand, the event you want to attend, and suit your specific marketing objectives. If you’re going to do it yourself, our modular displays are reasonably straightforward. Still, if you’d rather spend your time and energy elsewhere, you can hire our experienced installers also.

  1. Turnkey execution

Shipping, logistics, installation & disassembly, and storage are just some of the comprehensive services offered by Fern Event Rental. The only thing left for you is to show up on the exhibition floor and accept the design and configuration and the artwork for the graphics.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

You are helping the environment by becoming more eco-friendly by reusing your trade show rentals. The concept is straightforward: the more you reuse, the less you waste away. You will also be exempt from any trash management or recycling fees.

Why do you need Trade fair rentals?

Trade fairs aren’t going away anytime soon, and they will be necessary for businesses and help you raise brand awareness for the foreseeable future. Trade fair show rentals are good for business as it saves time & resources. So start looking for trade show rental alternatives and boost your business.


1. What are the benefits of rental items for the event? 

When you rent items, it saves a lot of time& money and allows you to have multiple options, which helps to promote coordination& flexibility.

2. How do I place an order or receive a quote? 

Go to our site (www.fern.ae), then click on any option from the menu bar, such as furniture, tents, decor etc. Select the product from the menu bar & fill out the form to get the quote.

3. What kind of furniture can you provide for trade shows?

We provide almost everything such as tables, chairs, sofas, and stools. Apart from that we also give electronic items for rent like coolers, fans etc.

4 . Do you provide production-related items for events?

Yes, we offer bespoke options for platforms, stages, back wall & carpet etc. Apart from that, we also provide decor & props like lightning, lanterns & chandeliers etc.

Things You Should Not Forget to Rent for Your Wedding

wedding rental services

Are you prepping up for your big day?

When it comes to your wedding day, some items are better rented than purchased. Fern event rentals have a list of things to rent for your wedding, and you can save money without sacrificing quality. It prevents couples from putting extra time & wasting excessive cash on shopping for products such as wedding decoration items that wedding rental services can solve.

The list of things that a couple should not forget when planning their wedding day:


Renting tents becomes necessary when having an outdoor event or organizing a reception. Most of the time, the weather is quite unpredictable. We also provide essentials, such as pole covers, gutters and decorations, apart from tents. A wedding rental company can assist in getting it done on schedule, saving time & energy.

Tables and Chairs

Table and chair selection may not be the most enjoyable aspect of wedding planning, but it is vital; after all, you need to accommodate your guests who need a place to sit during the ceremony or cocktail hour and reception. A wedding rental company can help you provide it on time as there is no value in buying them.


During the cocktail hour and reception, guests need a place to rest their feet. To make your guests relax and unwind yourself:

  1. Rent a few couches, comfortable seats, and pillows using a wedding rental company.
  2. Always choose lounge furniture that can accommodate multiple guests, such as comfy couches, because you know they’ll want to get away from the dancing floor.
  3. Provide coffee tables for drinks so that guests who take a seat can chat comfortably.


For your furniture, you need linens such as table cloth, chair covers, etc., for wedding decoration, to give your wedding a decent appealing look. We provide multiple themes and color schemes to suit your taste as a wedding rental company. If you’re confused and want to keep things subtle, we can provide neutral options to make your wedding look elegant.


In a wedding ceremony, you always require various types of cutlery & glassware to serve bar & dining needs. Buying these things can be expensive & stupid. In that case, a wedding rental company can be your saviour. From your bartending to dining needs, we have got all kinds of cutlery,

Dance Floor

If you’ve reserved a ballroom, you generally won’t need a dance floor, but what if the venue you have booked doesn’t have it? Then what you’re going to do. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact a wedding rental provider to place an order. We provide plenty of options to suit your needs. Whenever placing an order, always remember to give the lists of the guests so that you can choose a better dance floor.


Barns and backyards rarely have the same level of electricity as city lofts or motels. You’ll almost certainly need a generator if you want to drape your remote location or empty grounds with fairy lights, boost the sound quality with enormous speakers, and add fans or coolers. Remember to account for your caterer’s cooking equipment and your beauty team’s styling tools, which need high units of electricity.


You might also want to rent some fancy lights as wedding decorations to illuminate your venue. As the event progresses into the evening, use lights to create a warm, romantic ambience while allowing your guests to see. For your wedding day, you can rent multiple choices from wedding rental companies, from candelabra and lanterns to expensive chandeliers and accent lights.

Starlit ceilings or cascading strings of festoon lights are ideal for barns and marquees. We can provide light tunnels by using Lanterns, chandeliers, and hanging light installations that can help direct guests to outdoor areas. Lighting-based finishing touches, such as neon signs and large light-up letters writing LOVE or your initials, can also be rented and provide multiple size options and staff to set it up.

Candle Holders and Vases


It may seem like a good idea to buy cheap candlesticks, vases, and votive holders, but consider what it means to have dozens—or hundreds—of glass and metal things after the wedding. You’re probably not going to use wax-covered candle holders again, and cleaning them will take longer than drafting thank-you messages. That goes for floral vases, as well.

Many wedding rentals or florists will rent you vessels, and some even have unique choices for storing flower stems. You won’t have to lift a manicured finger on your wedding day or drag boxes of vases out of the venue the following day because wedding rentals always manage the pickup, setup, and cleanup.


Wedding Rentals

As part of wedding decoration, flowers are a must as they give an eye-catching look to the ceremony. Wedding rentals also provide flower arrangements to complete the look. Flowers will be delivered, installed, and removed for you, and many will include accessories such as candles, lanterns, plinths, and arches. They can also supply artificial flowers, which are less expensive than fresh flowers and are far more environmentally beneficial because of their reusability.


As part of visual entertainment, fireworks are also necessary to impress guests. Wedding rental companies provide you with a wide range of fireworks to suit your needs and provide environment-friendly options.

Rugs & carpet

In outdoor locations, it’s an essential part of your wedding. Instead of plain rugs, wedding rental companies have a selection of elegant, hand-knotted, and loomed rugs.

What are the advantages of rentals?

The good news is you don’t need to buy everything as Wedding rental services by Fern Event Rentals are the one-stop shop for all your needs. There are various benefits of using a wedding rental company:

Coordination: The last thing you want to happen at your wedding is for something to go wrong or for something to go unnoticed. It can be beneficial to hire a wedding rental company to handle and provide everything needed on time.

Saves Time: Hiring the right wedding rental company can save time by organizing & planning your wedding.

Cost-Effective: Renting has always been cost-effective as you need it only for one time, and it saves you from unnecessary expenditure.



1. Why should you choose rentals for the wedding?

Finding the best rental company for your wedding needs is not easy. Fern Event Rental can fulfil your wedding needs. After all, there is no value in buying when renting can serve the same purpose.

2. What kind of extra décor do you provide with tents?

We offer pole covers, gutters and decorations. We can assist in getting it done on schedule, saving time and energy. We even provide furniture such as tables, chairs, sofas, and stools.

3. Do you provide staff for setting up the rentals?

Yes, we have a dedicated team to cater to all your needs. From setting up the tent to arranging lights, we cover it all.

4. How many days before do you need to contact the rental services for your wedding arrangements?

You can contact us 10days before your wedding so that it gives the rental services enough cushion time to prepare for your big day.

Ramadan Decoration Ideas in 2022

Ramadan decoration

Weeks ago, Ramadan decoration starts in Dubai. Ramadan is an eminent festival all over the world. In Islam, celebrated in the ninth month of the Hijri calendar. Ramadan is the holy month of fasting. It is celebrated as the month during which God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad the Qur’an (Islam’s holy book). It is a time of spiritual renewal and purification. During this month, one is expected to put more effort to follow the teachings of Islam and abstain from eating & drinking from dawn to dusk, involved in immoral behavior. This year Ramadan will start from 2nd April 2022 to 1st May 2022, so be excited to view heart-throbbing Ramadan decoration in Dubai.

Why is Ramadan important in Dubai?

Ramadan is the most sacred time to visit Dubai to experience auspicious Islamic traditions and beautify your inner World with awesome Ramadan decorations across the city. During this occasion, the actions of generosity and charity are followed in Dubai. People introspect and practice self-control, sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less privileged.

How Ramadan is celebrated?


During Ramadan month, after keeping fast for the whole day, evening prayers are performed in the mosque, known as ‘Taraweeh’. Then, the fast is broken after sunset with a meal, called ‘Iftar’ During the ‘Iftar’ party, people gather and eat dates, along with milk, water, or juice. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad had broken his fast with dates. Eid-al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan. During this occasion, the day starts with morning prayers; friends and families greet one another, give presents and wear new clothes. Friends and families start gathering together and enjoy a rich feast.

10 Creative Ramadan Decoration Ideas

As Ramadan lasts for an entire month, hence you get several weeks to decorate your home while celebrating God’s love. Short of decoration ideas? Not a problem! Here we bring amazing Ramadan decoration ideas to get your space ready this festive season. Have a look:

Metallic/Wooden Colourful Lanterns: During the pious month of Ramadan, create a magical atmosphere in your living room by hanging wooden lanterns on the roof. The wooden lanterns scatter the light in the space beautifully and bring a peaceful effect on our senses. You can also use them on your balcony to enjoy cozy evenings.

Ramadan Kareem Door Hanger: Add rustic flair to Ramadan celebrations by decorating your entrance with creatively designed door hangers of ‘Ramadan Kareem’ in English or Arabic Calligraphy. It will give your guests a warm welcome with Ramadanwishes! If you’re not finding it aesthetic on the front door, then you can place it on the main wall of your home. It will equally look good.

Ramadan calendar: You can remember Ramadan dates by placing Ramadan Calendar on one of the walls of your homes. You can buy it online or make it on your own. For Ramadan handmade calendar, you have to simply write the dates on the white chart or take out a print of a digitally designed Ramadan Calendar and get it framed.

Adorn the walls with Islamic Art: Ramadan is all about growing spiritually and building a stronger relationship with Allah. Placing Islamic Arts on the walls is a great idea to let your mind connect with the Supreme soul. It brings us into a deeper relationship with God and leads to remain on the path of purity and selflessness.

Paper Crescent lanterns hanging from the wall: Ramadan has a special connection with Moon. The moon signifies the start and the end of the holy month of Ramadan. So, you can opt for paper moon lanterns. It is one of the most incredible Ramadan decorations ideas in UAE that gets you in a joyful moon and makes you feel the serene vibes of the calming moon.

Ramadan alphabetical Candles: You can beautify your spaces and atmosphere with heavenly vibes by lighting up Ramadan alphabetical candles and then arranging them in an order of R-A-M-A-D-A-N. It will definitely bring an aesthetic appeal to your home during the month of Ramadan and spread more love and light in your life and your family members.

Floral ‘Iftar’ table decoration: Flowers are the symbol of love, grace, and prosperity. So, flattering your ‘Iftar’ table with a stunning floral arrangement is definitely one of the awesome Ramadan decoration ideas. The vibrant colors of the flowers will make the ‘Iftar’ table flourish and uplift the mood of family members to enjoy every bite of their meal. You can experiment more by arranging table cloths, table runners, and table mats in the contrast colors of flowers. This style will pump the appeal of the ‘Iftar’ table and accentuate the festive atmosphere.

Paper moon and star chandeliers: Decorating your ceilings with illuminated paper moon and star chandeliers is another amazing Ramadan decorations idea. The glitters of stars and moon send an air of whimsy vibes around and make one feel happy and tranquil.

Place Silver balloons: Bored of old plain balloons, then opt for Silver glitter balloons to enhance your décor this Ramadan. They add amusing vibes around and attract the eyeballs of every person who visits your home to greet Ramadan wishes.

Flatter your walls with Mosque shaped ‘Happy Ramadan’ banner: You can decorate your walls with the enchanting banner of ‘Happy Ramadan.’ You can cut each paper of the alphabet in the mosque shape, synchronize and tie them with strings. Your DIY Ramadan decoration banner is ready to glow up your dwelling during this spiritual festive season.

Eid Mubarak Decorations:

The holy Ramadan month ends with Eid celebrations. It’s a perfect opportunity to thank Allah for helping them get through the fasting days and follow spiritual discipline. During this festival, people decorate their homes with lots of love. Here are some of the best Eid decoration ideas. Excited to know about them? So, without any further delay, let’s check out them:

Fairy lightening: This festive season of Eid, try fairy lights. You can hang them on the entrance; stuff them into a vase or bottle. Another interesting way to decorate them is to line them up on the sheer curtains. Seeing this eye-catching Eid decoration, your guests will shower you with a lot of compliments.

Eid Mubarak Dubai wreath: Eid Mubarak wreath is quite easy to create. You need an assortment of flowers, twigs, fruits, and various materials to create a ring structured wreath. Then, you can write ‘Eid Mubarak Dubai greeting on the center of it to make it eye-catching and then hang them on the front doors or other corners of the house. It will look divine and enduring.

Place sparkling cushions on your furniture: Glittery cushions and bedsheets are some of the best Eid decoration ideas to jazz up your homes during the occasion of Ramadan. You can add some pictures of stars and the moon to make it look more attractive. You can also print the quotes like – “Happy Eid”, “Eid Mubarak” or “My first Eid.” etc.

Gift tags to wrap Eidi: You can opt for cute gift wrapping ideas to wrap your Eidi in an interesting manner. You can cut a gift tag in the form of hearts, mosques, stars, or moon and paste them on the packaged gift or you can hang the gift tag by making a small hole within the packaging paper and then hang it with the help of a colorful string.

Arrange a special Eid dining table: Eid decorations without a fat dining table remain incomplete. You can make the eating place look exquisite by placing metal vases with fresh jasmine, roses, or orchids. Use clay vessels to bring a traditional touch to the dining area and make it look sumptuous and lavish.

Eid Mubarak Dubai
Eid Mubarak Dubai

Ramadan decoration in Dubai:

Ramadan holds religious significance all around the World. The city of dreams, Dubai becomes splendor and grandeur with stunning Ramadan décor Dubai. The streets of Dubai come alive with 3D decorations and marvelous lighting. A joyful atmosphere is created during the Ramadan festival in malls. The malls are decorated with lanterns, chandeliers of moon and stars, decorative candles, flower arrangements, and balloons.


Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and heightened devotion and worship. During this time, people decorate homes just like a fairy tale to bring good luck, health, and prosperity. We are sure our Ramadan decoration ideas will inculcate the spirit of gratitude, joy, and peace in your hearts and welcome happy times ahead.

If you want to organize ‘Iftar’ or ‘Eid’ parties on a large level in Dubai for friends/family or a corporate meet, then you can procure Ramadan rental décor items like – chandeliers, lighting, lantern, candle holder and essentials like – chairs, tables, refrigerators and fan coolers from fern.ae We are one of the premier rental event companies in Dubai and we have earned a reputation due to our quality services at affordable prices. This Ramadan gives us the opportunity to make lifetime memories for you and close ones.


Host the New Year Party With Stunning Decoration

Ramadan Lights Decorations

Bang Bang! Just a few days more and our World will be painted with the fragrance of New Year! Why not welcome the fresh beginning on a memorable note? Let the magic happen on the New Year eve.  Let’s host the party of the year! The first thing which pops up into our mind is the food menu and guest list, but amidst all this, don’t overlook New Year decoration planning. Remember décor sets the mood and instils joyfulness to groove all over the night. Whether you are hosting a party to a small circle of your closest friends or the entire throng within your networking, the barren spaces must be transformed into a veritable bash with the crafty New Year decoration ideas.

So, turn your countdown into a glittery affair by following the given New Year Party decoration ideas:

New Year Party Decoration Ideas: 


  1. Mirror Disco Balls hanging by roof: There is nothing better than mirror disco balls if you want to add ravishing effect to the party. They are made up of hundreds of tiny mirrors which reflect light throughout spaces. When the guests will enter into the party venue, they will be spellbound seeing the fascinating disco balls creating sparkle all around.
  2. Tie metallic Balloons in corners: Add a glossy and a dynamic touch to the New Year Celebration with metallic balloons. These charming balloons are made of natural rubber latex and filled with helium which brings airy effect to the décor around. These one-of-a-kind balloons are available in intense colors which add a classy look to the New Year party decoration.
  3. Backdrop with Cheers Banner: Celebrate a special occasion of New Year in style with Golden glitter banner ‘Cheers.” Moment your guests will enter the party venue and look at this sparkling banner, they will feel enthusiastic to celebrate the last day of this year. Moreover, everyone will enjoy taking selfie in front of it and won’t resist posting on social media platforms to seek appreciation and fame.
  4. Arabic/Metallic Lanterns: Elegant and exotic lanterns always evoke the warmth of the celebration, making them one of the best New Year decoration ideas. If you have arranged a New Year Party set up on terrace or in park, Arabic/metallic lanterns are must to install stealing away the heart of every visitor. The soothing light beaming around will mesmerise them to no end.
  5. Quirky wall decoration: New Year celebration is all about shaking a leg beyond midnight. Decorate walls with beautiful photo frames in which people are partying or you can add quirky elements like bow, confetti, masks. You can also leave a space where people can simply write about their New Year resolutions and wish everybody Happy New Year. The host can also furnish countdown wall to ring in the New Year feel.
  6. Adorn food tables with fuming candles: Add a touch of romance and sophistication to the overall setting of the New Year party with fuming candles. It will bring a wonderful experience to the person whoever will come closer to the table to serve food.
  7. Groom up the bar in a trendy fashion: Set up a festive bar cart this New Year in a funky way. Keep the bar enlightened using LED lights and arrange the cocktails in a cabinet or revolving globes, whatever you like the most. Keep the backdrop fascinating by placing a statement art or a funny quote. Make the bar serving table glamorous with decorative patterns and embellishments.

image 4 1

New Year Party Eve Supplies:

Hosting a warm welcome celebration for the New Year is about dazzling up each and every element of party. Let this celebration be fun filled with interesting New Year party eve supplies. Have a look:


  1. Party hats: Party without something magnificent on your head, makes the party vibes dull and boring. New Year party hats immerse the celebration jitters and bring euphoria and whimsy to the gatherings. Especially, kids enjoy wearing funky hats and enjoy looking at each other’s faces.
  2. New Year paper glass: Don’t forget to arrange for New Year glasses. Keep them on the entrance table, so that at the time of entering, the invitee will grab and wear it. Guests will definitely enjoy clicking their selfie and changing DPs of their social media handles.
  3. Eye New Year party masks: Raise the New Year party toast while wearing a spunky Eye New Year mask. Curated with exquisite workmanship and detailing, the eye masks bring festivity to your attire and garner attention for its fascinating design pattern.
  4. New Year Head Bands: Get your hair cute touch with ravishing head bands. There are a range of head bands available. They may feature glittery flowers, glittery stars, sparkling horns or a New Year quote. These bands look extra tantalising and become the epicentre of attraction for everyone present in the party.
  5. Party Popper: When the clock strikes at midnight, party popper emerges as the best thing to collect the crowd together and welcome New Year with full enthusiasm. The loud noise adds the oomph factor and the confetti flies around bringing a magical feeling. Kids love to be surrounded by the confetti bits and enjoy catching them in their fists.

image 2 1


Fern Event Rentals: #1 New Year Party Decoration Rental Company in Dubai

Pulling off a successful New Year Eve is not a cake walk, you have to arrange of lot of things. In order to help you up with spectacular New Year Decoration, Fern Event Rentals offers quality renting equipment like – candle holders, Kiosk/PVC tents, frame mirrors, photo booths, lounge chairs, sofas and many more. In case you are arranging a New Year Party on a large scale, then we can help you with essential furniture items like – heaters, crowd control and barriers, refrigerators and other crucial event accessories. Come, contact us today and create an event that is memorable, beautiful and fits all your needs.


 Q1. How can I decorate my New Year at home?

Ans. Well it depends very much on the dimensions and interior of your homes, but simple ideas like hanging craft, placing a giant wall clock, hanging foil balloons and showcasing the upcoming year calendar are some of the amazing ways to celebrate New Year. Besides this, don’t forget to put a New Year Banner to honour the beginning of the New Year.

Q2. What is the best theme for a New Year Celebration?

Ans. Celebrity theme is one of the brightest choices where everyone will dress up like a celebrity and act like him/her. Another option is Casino party where everyone enjoys playing cards, gossiping and eating what they love the most. Sleep-over is also a great theme if you want to just chill out with a close – knit friends. Create a playlist of your favourite tunes from the past and jam out whole night.

Q3. At what time New Year eve party starts?

Ans.  New Year party starts between 9 PM to 11 PM and mostly goes till 3’o clock in the evening.

Q4. What all do you require to host a New Year Party?

Ans. Great drinks, delicious food, nice wall decoration, classy crockery and groovy playlist are some of the pre-requisites of a New Year party.

Q5. What are a list of things that we can rent out for a New Year evening?

Ans. Chandeliers, Arabic tents, Bar tables, DJ booths, LED lights, Dining tables are the things that we rent out for a New Year evening and help you make most of this day with your near and dear ones.


Planning a Baby Shower? Get the best decoration ideas to make your day memorable

Baby shower Decoration 3

Knock Knock! Someone on arrival? Wowww! Big congratulations to the parents!
You both must be excited to hold your cute little munchkin in arms and bestow your immense love on him/her. Let the mom-to-be little relax and savour this special time by hosting a magnificent baby shower celebration that she won’t forget soon. Baby Shower is a fun filled ceremony leaving behind the cute memories. It’s an amazing time for everyone in the family, especially for the new parents.

Importance of Baby Shower for first-time parents:

In every culture, baby shower holds an eminent importance. It’s a wonderful way to be surrounded by loved ones before the big day is here. The mom-to-be is showered with blessings, sweets, dry fruits and gifts that keep the mother’s mood delightful, boosts her morale and brings good impact upon baby’s growth.

She is also offered with gifts that will help her in nurturing her baby in the best way. The mother receives a lot of fruitful advices from her friends and family that help her stay strong and prepare her for a new beginning. Mommy dear also enjoys chilling with her dear ones, chat and giggle with them. Her day gets filled with enthusiasm and cheers.

Baby shower is the first official celebration for the baby – to – be and mom – to – be and definitely you want everything of this festivity up-to-the mark. Such a splendid occasion must be embellished with amazing decoration. With lots of advices bumping on your head, you must be confused about the baby shower decoration?

image 5 1Don’t worry! Here we bring a bunch of baby shower decoration ideas that will simply mesmerize the mommy and your guests:

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

  1. Rainbow Balloon Arch: Bring life to your party with fabulous rainbow shaped balloons. Place vibrant colored balloons in the form of rainbow and flatter walls in an innovative manner. The baby shower decoration spreads happy vibes all around and looks amazing as a backdrop to the baby shower party. You can also add extra sparkle to this design by opting for confetti – filled balloons.
  2. Tassel Garlands: Want to add a creative touch to the whole affair? Placing tassel garlands is the best idea. The colourful nylon strands are elegant and classy that helps elevate the décor space which is so overwhelming for the mom-to-be and other guests. The tassel garlands can be made jazzier by adding poms poms and beads.
  3. Umbrella Outdoor Decoration: Planning an outdoor decoration? Go for umbrella theme. The colorful umbrella decoration will surprise the expecting mother and she will feel superbly lucky to experience fairy tale décor all around. The decoration will look even better when added led lights. Everyone will love to look at this décor and make your party a big hit. Don’t forget to share this heart stealing decoration on social media platforms like – Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Place Clothes Banner: We can’t deny the fact that how clothes banner makes heart stealing decorations for baby showers. The cute little dresses of the baby clipped on the rope look stunning and grace the wall with innocence and sweetness.
  5. Hang Paper Lanterns: The affordable and cool paper lantern is one of the most classy baby shower decoration ideas that bring elegance and sophistication to the spaces. Paper lanterns are made of brightly colored paper and come in different sizes and shapes which help create a joyful aura in the surroundings. The lanterns help add visual interest to the venue. The vibrant paper lanterns are the best décor item for outdoor baby shower decoration. They create a wonderful ambiance on the tree branches.
  6. Moon and Stars Balloons: Want to add celestial feel to the corners of your home? Place moon and stars balloons to bring natural feel around and impress the mom-to-be with your awesome. Seeing such a beautiful décor, her eyes and heart will be enlightened. Her face will glow up with the light of love, care and happiness.
  7. Decorate Mother’s chair: The mother’s chair can be decorated with the garland of marigold and rose flowers. The combination of red and marigold will look appealing. The aroma of fresh flowers will rejuvenate the mother’s mind. If she is allergic to smells, the binding the back of chair with pastel colored ribbons – sky blue, peach and pink can be a great idea. Sitting on such a pretty chair would let her forget pregnancy mood swings and calmness and positivity will take the room.
  8. LED Letter Lights: Sparkle your walls on the wonderful occasion of baby shower with LED lights. These lights are subtle in its lamination and add a much of dazzle to the celebration. You can arrange LED lights in the words of “Baby Shower Celebration” or “Baby in making” or “Soon to arrive.” It would become really pleasing for parents and guests to embrace such kind of baby shower decoration Dubai.


image 1 1

Baby shower decoration Rental Dubai

Baby Shower is an excellent way to pamper the expectant mothers and help them getting ready with parenting responsibilities. So, if you are planning a beautiful baby shower party, then, go for baby shower decoration rental equipment. They help you bring everything that you need for baby shower extravaganza.

  1. Mother’s Chair: Walking and sitting is not so easy during the last months of the pregnancy. Hence, it is really important that the host must arrange a queenly yet comfortable chair for the mom-to-be. You can pick the color and material of the chair as per the choice of the mother.
  2. Photo Booths: Photo frames are what you need to make the baby shower celebration super awesome. The Photo booths add flair of quirkiness which invite all the guests including the mom-to-be to come together, have fun while clicking adorable pictures and freeze significant memories for years to come.
  3. Flower vases: Jazz up the baby shower venue with beautiful flower vases. It is one of the beautiful baby shower decoration Dubai ideas that attracts eyeballs and elevates the table settings and sets the tone for the celebration. Don’t put same kind of flowers in all the vases, instead fill different flowers in every vase.
  4. Table and chair tops: While flattering the walls, entrance and corners, the dining and sitting settings should not be overlooked during baby shower decoration. The great table cloth and chair cloth with matching color and texture should be decorated to raise the festivity of baby shower.

Fern Event Rentals: # 1 Event Rental Company in Dubai

Fern Event Rentals has earned a great reputation for its rental equipment for baby shower party. For us renting out decorative and other essential items is not just a means for profit making but it’s an emotion that we live for our clients. We aim to soar the excitement of baby shower celebration with our one-of-a-kind decoration items like – candle holders, lanterns, tents, props and many more. Apart from this, we also offer essential items like – couches, chairs, tables and carpets to bring comfort and grace to the party décor.


Q1. What is a baby shower, and what is the purpose of it?

Ans. Baby shower is a ritual that is organized in the celebration of the upcoming of a new baby. It’s purpose is to show emotional support to the mom-to-be and give her the well wishes for the upcoming journey and bestow a lot of gifts that will be needed to care of a baby.

Q2. What are the best gift ideas for baby shower?

Ans. Baby grooming kit, 2 piece set, soft toys, book name books, baby carrier and baby neck pillow are some of the best gifts for baby shower.

Q3. What is a list of all the things that we can rent out for baby shower?

Ans. Chandeliers, candle holders, couches, event carpet, backdrop wall, coffee tables, Arabic tents and frame mirrors are the things that we rent out for baby shower decoration.

Q4. Why is hosting a baby shower for first-time parents important?

Ans.  Hosting a baby shower is important as it prayers and chants for the expectant mom and baby’s health.



Amazing Birthday Party Decoration Ideas to Make Your Birthday Special

Birthday banner

Wowwww! The most special day of your life is soon to arrive! Your Haaaapppyyy Biiirthhdayyy! Guest list – Check! Food menu – Check, Birthday outfit – Check, Return Gifts – Check. But unless and until you have not planned anything upon birthday decoration, your efforts will go in vein. Hey! Don’t think that it’s a tedious task. With this blog, we will help you choose the right birthday decoration. Just check it out:

Birthday Decoration Ideas

Attending your own birthday party is life’s greatest joy. It can be made more pleasing if your make your birthday décor look marvellous and reflect your personal sense with a tinge of uniqueness.  Here are some of the most outstanding birthday decorations in Dubai that you must go through:

  1. Confetti Wall: Want to create a cool spot for all your friends and family where they can click most amazing pictures of them. Then, going for a confetti wall birthday decoration is an awesome idea. People will find this space super cool. Even, kids will also enjoy looking at this amusing wall and playing around. A nice backdrop wall is a best photo opportunity wall for all your superstar friends.
  2. Multicolour balloon arch: Just imagine when you enter your birthday banquet, the first thing you notice is multi colored balloon garland welcoming you with its astonishing beauty. We think that would be a hilarious experience. But not only you, all your guests would surely charmed away by its elegance and style.
  3. Floral cake table: Cake is the centrepiece of a birthday party. So while pondering over the birthday decoration of entire space, don’t skip cake table decoration. You can place potted flower plants on the table or you can put brass bowls, fill them with water and put petals into the bowls. This will bring out a soothing cake cutting experience.
  4.   Fabric Tassel Garland on roof: When you walk up to the stage and make yourself ready for cake cutting, your backdrop should be damn magnificent. Fabric tassels is one of the amazing birthday decoration ideas that adds sophistication to the décor and brings the flavour of richness in a subtle way.
  5. Outdoor tent arrangement with lightening: The winters are setting in fast and the outdoors are becoming pleasant again. So instead of indoors, you have opted for outdoor celebration to bring freshness and breeze to the birthday celebration. Go for tent arrangement and vintage lightening effect. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your special day when you have invited handful of guests.
  6. Crystal glass centre pieces: When your guests will grab their sitting space while relishing yummy food and cake, don’t you think you must treat their eyes with something antique. You can place crystal glass centre piece on every table and make them fall in love with your choice.

Exciting Celebration Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

Kids love to party and have fun. Hence, the best treat we can give them on their birthday is the opportunity to pull off an amazing celebration by inviting all their friends and become superheroes in their eyes. The birthday decoration can be decided on the basis of various themes from Jungle Safari to Mini House to Puppet Show to Teddy Bears and Sports Fun. If you don’t want to follow any theme, then you can decorate the birthday place with cartoon character based balloons like – Mini Mouse, Peppa Pig, Daisy Duck, Doremon etc. The stage backdrop can be decorated with cute objects like – trees, birds, plants, Sun, Moon, stars, clouds and rainbow. Adorn the walls with bright colored tassels like – Bright pink, Red, Orange, Neon and Dark Blue.

Dummy of clowns can be placed at the corners of the birthday space to attract kids. They will surely have a lot of fun while touching them and shaking hands. Transform your birthday space into a playtime paradise with the installation of bouncy castles. Here at Fern Event Rentals, we offer a range of bouncy castles in all shapes, sizes and designs to add a little play fun. Even the kids who are shy by nature will be able to make new friends and adore this day like never before.

Birthday inner


Trending and Popular Birthday Decoration Items:

So, you have thought of birthday decoration theme. But what about birthday decoration items? Afterall, they add an oomph factor to surroundings. Here are some of the trending and popular birthday decoration items that you can try for your upcoming birthday party:

  1. Tissue paper Pom Poms: They are eco friendly birthday decoration items that enhance the décor of birthday space in a creative manner. Their fluffiness brings life to the party and wows all the guests to the core. Tissue paper poms poms look great while hanging from ceilings, lighting fixtures and doorways.
  2. Frame Mirror: Easy to install, frame mirrors are one of the most beautiful birthday decoration items that add drama to the spaces. Everyone enjoys looking at the mirror and can’t resist taking a selfie with the loved ones. There are various range of frame mirrors from shimmery ones to the metals and the wooden ones, you can choose the one that you find most interesting for your birthday party.
  3. Candle holders: Candles are the great way to add classic touch to the birthday celebration. It creates a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. The candle decoration becomes more enlightened when exquisite range of candle holders is chosen. Overall look of candles helps relax mind, body and soul. This kind of decoration item is best suitable if you are throwing birthday party for your parents or grandparents.
  4. Designer bar/coffee tables: If you’re organizing an evening birthday party, then coffee would be the part of your menu and it’s really important that you set up outstanding coffee tables, so that people feel rejuvenated with every sip of coffee. In case, it’s night party, then creatively designed bar tables must be the part of party furniture.
  5. Red Carpet: Entrance is the first thing that people notice when they enter a party event. Hence, it is important that you must place neat and clean at the entrance and let the people experience ultimate underfoot comfort. Guests will definitely remember you’re this level of hospitality for years.
  6. Gum Balls: Make lovely birthday memories of your child by decorating the food table with Gum Balls. They will attract eyeballs of every kid present there. The relishing cup – cakes, brownies, ice – creams can be topped gum balls.
  7. Car Theme Customized Photo Booth: Kids are passionate about playing with cars and roaming in cars. You can delight the birthday boy/girl and their friends by installing car  photo booths. They will enjoy sitting in it and bring their fantasies alive. These photo booths can be customized with your kid’s name and photograph.

Make Your Celebrations Memorable With Our Exclusive Birthday Party Decoration

Fern Event Rentals is not just a brand when it comes to birthday party decoration Dubai/UAE needs, but it’s an emotion that aims at imparting mind-blowing experience to the people on their birthdays. Our exclusive range of items from chandeliers to our LED DJ Booth or the Dance flooring to photo booths to designer tents make surroundings magical and the first word which comes on the people’s lips when they view this beautiful décor is “Wow”.

Apart from providing these beautiful decoration items, we also offer essential items like – furniture, seating, tables, coolers, ACs, Buffet Tables & Buffet Counters, Mirrors to add functionality to the spaces.

Fern Event Rentals Offering Best Birthday Decoration Package in Dubai/UAE

So, if you are planning a birthday party of your child, family member or any near one, you can rely upon Fern Event Rentals. Our birthday decoration package is affordable and always on delivery quality over price. All our rental items are aesthetically curated to meet your Events needs and choices. Further our dedicated team members go out of the way to meet & exceed your expectation. A value for money deal awaits you when you book your event with Fern Event Rentals.


Birthday inner2


Q1. Do you offer only indoor party decoration or outdoor as well?
Ans. We offer both kinds of party decoration arrangements – indoor as well as outdoor.

Q2. Besides birthday party decoration, what all other party arrangements do your offer?
Ans. We also organize event parties like corporate gala event, desert event, boat cruise party and villa party.

Q3. Name the things that you can rent out for birthday?
Ans. Literally anything that you need to celebrate your birthday in style! We rent out things like -Sofa, Chairs, Tables, Furniture, event carpet, crystal glass, flower stand, chandeliers, Dance floors and Photo booths, etc.

Q4. How do you make birthday celebration of three years old special?
Ans. Well we choose a theme for a child’s birthday celebration and accordingly we make arrangements. It can be Jungle Theme, Unicorn Theme, Barbie Theme, Floral Theme and many more. What’s more! We can help to arrange for entertainment artists like Magicians, Performers, Face Painters, Henna Artists, Singers, Pianists, Violin, Jockers & Circus Artists and many more. We can as well help you to book a venue or choose a catering company for you to suit your budget and taste.

Celebrate the Grad With a Spectacular Graduation Party

graduation banner

Time flies! Just a few days back, you had enrolled yourself to a Graduation program, but look now you are soon to be graduated. This phase must have been simply amazing. Right from lecture hall to canteen to event auditorium, every space of your college has a story to tell and memories to share. The canteen fun, group studies, event rehearsal, everything is so close to your hearts that whenever you would think of those moments, a smile must come up on your face. So, now when you are in the last leg of Graduation days that marks the start of amazing chapter of your life, you deserve a celebration worth remembering.It’s time to explore magnificent party themes and graduation decoration ideas to take your graduation extravaganza to the next level. So, without any further delay, let’s get started: 

    1. Tie balloon photo chandelier on roof: Graduation party is all celebrating togetherness with best pals and remembering the most heartfelt moments of life. When it comes to graduation party decoration, fancy Chandeliers and shiny balloons have a small role to play. Instead go for a balloon photo chandelier. Tie the candid pictures with these balloons to scatter throughout the party space. When your friends will arrive at the party venue, they will be stunned to see your creativity level and won’t resist appreciating your innovative thought again and again.
    1. Place friendship quotes on the walls: Adorn your walls with the loving friendship quotes, so that everyone present in the party l feel connected and spread adorable vibes for each other. Reading the saga of friendships, they will feel that even if friends will move forward to their respective careers, the bond between all will remain same and feel so lucky to have such amazing friends in life.
    1. Hang signature board: A signature board is the perfect way to preserve the well wishes of your favourite buddies and make an incredible graduation party decoration element. You can ask all your graduation friends to write their messages and thoughts about you and spending time with you. Everyone will enjoy pouring their hearts for your and create a timeless treasure.
    1. Make most of Graduation party banner: Jazz up the party venue with cheers and happiness by placing party banner on the walls. These decorative and bright vinyl banners honor the guests in the most welcoming manner. You can find a perfect layout to personalise your banner in the most unique way.  You can customise it by placing the pictures of your friends and personalised message. You will see twinkle in the eyes of your invitees whomsoever will look at this one – of – a – kind banner.
    1. Arrange Jig Saw Puzzle Corner: Take a print of faces of all your friends and convert them into different pieces having various shapes like – Circle, Heart, Square and Rectangle. Now during party, invite all your friends to arrange the puzzle. It would be really fun to watch all your friends brainstorming over it and pulling each other’s leg in a sarcastic way. Once the grad friends finish up putting pieces correctly, they can redo the puzzle again and your personalised home décor piece will be ready in no time.
    1. Personalised Garden Flags: Are you planning an outdoor garden party? Wow! That’s so amazing. Adorn your wonderful outdoor garden with customised flags. When your guests will see these personalised flags featuring the images, initial or last name of all your guests, they will be highly impressed and would love searching their identity. More than that, they will enjoy taking its image and sharing on social media platforms. Such a heartfelt graduation decoration will definitely attract visitors and add extra flair to the place.

      Graduation Party Decoration Rentals (Table, furniture, stage etc.)

At the end Graduation parties are all about bringing people together and enjoy the company of each other. Keeping this in mind throughout the process, it is important that the host must procure all the important furniture on rent to throw Graduation party.

Graduation Party Decoration


    1. Tables and tablecloth: Fine awesome graduation decoration is eminent, but we can’t overlook the essential items. On this list, table tops the list. Before weeks, you must book a long and durable table, so that from starters to main course to sweets, everything can be served on this table. Keep the tablecloth and other graduation party table decoration in sync with the party theme.
    1. Chairs and couches: No matter how beautiful the graduation party decoration is. Unless and until, guests won’t get the comfortable seats to sit, they will not feel pleasant coming into your party. You must arrange comfortable couches and bean bags to let them relax and enjoy their meals.  If you want to keep the budget nominal, then simple chairs are best to adorn the party space.
    1. Stage: In Graduation party, the guests come up with the long script of speech to express their thoughts and love for the pals with whom they have spent 3 or 4 years of life. For this, the stage becomes the necessary item to be set. Make sure that the size of the stage is adjustable in respect of height, length and width according to the venue.
    1. DJ Floor: Party without DJ? Naaaah! So, arrange a rocking DJ floor for your upcoming party. It must be featured with flashlights, laser lights and snowy effect. This adds a touch of drama and lets every person to dance without inhibitions and enjoy every beat of music. Place the DJ floor judiciously, so that it doesn’t hamper the beauty of graduation decoration.
    1. Tents: If you’re planning an outdoor evening graduation party, then you can arrange tents. Enjoy singing sessions while sitting inside the tents and enjoy yummy food with your adorable friends.
  1. Picture Frames: Make graduation season alive within hearts by setting up a photo booth at the graduation party. These light weight photo booth frames are easy to install and makes an Instagram worthy image. 

Fern Event Rentals: # 1 Event Rental Company in Dubai

Whether you want to host a Graduation event party in an enclosed space or in the middle of the desert, you can create the best possible experience for the guests with Fern Event Rental. We offer best-in-class furniture on rent that match up with your graduation party decoration theme on time, every time. So, get in touch with us today and bring an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Graduation Party


FAQs :

Q1. How to decorate for graduation party?
Ans. You can decorate graduation party with ribbons, photo frames, attractive tablecloths and centrepieces. You can also elevate the graduation décor with hanging decorations like Garlands and metal tassels. 

Q2. What activities can be the part of a graduation party?
Ans. You can run a compilation video of all the lovely moments spent with your pals during college days. Dance and singing performance can be organized for the best dancers and singers. You can also invite your friends on the stage to let them express their experiences with you.

Q3. What do you serve at an outdoor graduation party?
Ans. Sandwiches, burgers, cookies, beverages like – tea and coffee and juices are some of the best dishes for an outdoor graduation party.

Q4. What are the things that we can rent out for graduation party?
Ans.  Here at Fern Event Rentals, we rent out candle holders, chandeliers, lanterns, event carpet,  arabic tents, bar counters, DJ booth and many more.

Wedding Decoration Trends You Need to Know in 2022

wedding banner

So, these days your legs are not on Earth, your mind always day dreams and your eyes search for only one face…. Hmmm….. The effects of wedding jitters! Why not! After all, wedding is one of the most special events of our lives. From making guests’ list to buying new clothes to deciding the honeymoon destination, everything looks so charming. But, your heart beats faster when you think of wedding decorations because you want to treasure the beautiful memories of this beautiful day as a fairy tale. No worries! We’ll be helping you out in this matter from the core of our heart! Check out our article exclusively based on “Wedding Decoration.” Let’s get started.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Every bride-to-be and groom-to-be’s struggle is real who want their wedding décor be like a paradise. The given wedding decoration ideas would definitely give your décor goals extra miles and leave a long lasting impression on you and all your guests. Have a look:

  1. Offbeat white floral decoration: If you want the space of your big day to feel like a Palace of a Princess, then white floral arrangement is what you should go for. These can be put in the big Golden Vasses at the entrance, corners of the party hall and also in the small golden pots placed on the guests’ tables. Wedding floral objects can be made with the help of white flowers like – an elephant, horse or a white chariot. These objects make the empty spaces fuller in an elegant way.
  2. Arabic lanterns for outdoor decoration: Arabic lanterns add special tone and ambience to the outdoor wedding decoration Dubai. They bring out the rustic appeal and become the focal point in any space. The warm light casts a beautiful pattern of lightening and creates excellent illumination with warm atmospheres.
  3. Golden Amber Chandeliers for royal wedding decoration: If ‘magnificence’ and ‘imperial’ are in your mind, then, adorn the roofs of your wedding space with Golden Amber Chandeliers. The shiny chandeliers make the event look classy and spread the vibes of richness all around. People love getting themselves clicked beneath the beauty of Golden lights.
  4. Edgy lightening in geometric patterns: If you and your would-be have an endless love for angular, abstract or graphic, then incorporate geometric feels to the wedding décor. They add urbanite and sophisticated appeal to the décor. The walls of dining area can be furnished with geometric themes. The domes at the entrance can be made of geometric patterns.
  5. Shimmery starry silver strings as the stage backdrop: Stage is the centrepiece of any wedding function. After all, you and your love would be sitting right there and everyone walks up to the stage to congratulate you. So, don’t overlook wedding stage decoration. Go for classmerry silver hanging strings behind the seating of the couple. It’s enlightening effect will be sufficient to allure all your guests. People would be astonished to see how simple Golden strings can successfully complete the stage look.
  6. Flowy drapes: Want to add a tinge of romance to your wedding decoration Dubai? Go for flowy drapes. The pastel colored flowy drapes will take the entire décor to the next level, addressing an ethernal feel. You can also go for multi colored drapes creating a great eye catching detail in your wedding décor. Flowy drapes also look heavenly for wedding stage decoration or mandap decoration.wedding inner1

Top Wedding Decorators in Dubai:

Glamor, fascination, exoticism are the words that describe Dubai. It is not just a travel destination for pleasure and business meetings, but it is worldwide known for its one – of – a kind events. Dubai is the growing hub of wedding planners which make sure that all the pieces of puzzle related to wedding decoration fall in place seamlessly and in an effortless fashion. Luxury weddings held in Dubai are not just limited to Arabic weddings, but it also encompasses Hindu weddings, Nigerian Weddings, Buddhist Weddings, Christian Weddings and many more. 

Renowned wedding decorators in Dubai like JAM elegant planners, FABULOUS day, ELEGANT moment, VIVAAH and Marriagement offer bespoke wedding planning services while staying true to traditions and ceremonies. Staffed with wedding experts, these popular wedding companies take care of lightening, wedding stage decoration, entrance decoration and everything in between. 

Fern Event Rentals: A Premier Wedding Event Rental Company in Dubai If you’re looking forward to make your wedding ceremony fabulous within budget, Fern Event Rentals is the name that you must rely upon. According to the wedding theme, we lent out the best decoration items for ceremony area, dining area, stage, entrance and mandap area. You can beautify spaces with our hand-picked decorating items like – intricately designed candle holders, quirky designed tents for outdoor wedding in day time, timeless chandeliers, wonderful frame mirrors and frame photo booth.

wedding inner2

Procure essential equipment and fixture for your upcoming wedding through Fern Event Rentals

We not just fulfil your fantasies of wedding decoration, but we also assist you in procuring seating items – Lounge sofas, Kosha Sofas, Dining Chairs, Ottomans & Pouffes, benches for outdoor wedding, bar stools etc. You can also book carpets and DJ floor from us. If you’re planning to add a mini café in the dining area, then set up coffee tables from us. They are trendy, spacious adding style and function to the space.

Besides this, you can also procure items like – coolers, refrigerators, crowd barriers, heaters and show cases to take care of comfort of guests and let them enjoy your wedding function fully.


Q1. Is Arabic wedding decoration your specialization?
Ans. Yes it is! But we also cater Indian weddings like – Gujarati Weddings, South Indian Weddings, Christian Weddings, Parsi weddings and many more. 

Q2. Around how many days before do we need to contact for wedding rental services?
Ans. You can intimate us 10 days before of your requirement, so that things can fall in place without any hindrance. 

Q3. Do you decorate cake tables as well during wedding reception?
Ans. Yes, we have great ideas when it comes to decorating cake tables during wedding reception. You can approach us for floral decoration or candle lightening.

Q4. What kind of lightening options you have for wedding decoration?
Ans. We offer a gazillion of options when it comes to lightening for wedding decoration Dubai – Chandeliers, LED lightening, DJ lightening, lanterns and exotic candles.

Party Decoration Ideas For Your Party

party banner

Planning to host your birthday party? Or maybe you’re about to celebrate your silver jubilee? Whatever the occasion is! You must be relentlessly searching on the fresh and exciting party ideas to make the celebration memorable and unforgettable for you and your loved ones. Well if it is so, then you have landed upon the right place. Here we bring most enthralling party decoration ideas. So, without any further delay! Let’s get started:

Party Decoration Ideas:

Parties are the most fun filled moments of our life. People come together and spread lovely vibes all around. No matter whether it’s a birthday or a wedding or even a New Year boat cruise party, decoration always remain the ingredient part of the celebration. Here we bring some of the most heart touching party decoration ideas.

  1. 1.Balloon Garland: Balloon Garand is one of the enchanting ways to decorate the stage. It brings a wow effect to the space and guests feel pleasant vibes seeing the balloon beauty. You can make a Garland using thoughtful patterns. Heart shaped balloons look wonderful during occasions like – Wedding, Anniversary function or Engagement. Whereas, confetti balloons are best fit for birthday parties.
  2. 2. Frame Photo Booths: Want to make your party larger than life? Install frame photo booths for your upcoming party event. It fills the celebration with amusement and empowers people to be socially associated. Guests enjoy clicking and posting pictures with frame photo booths on social media and gather gazillion of compliments.
  3. 3. Foil/Matte Tassel Backdrop: Bring an ultimate jazz to party events with Foil/Matte Tassel backdrop. A backdrop emphasises the theme of event plus infuse excitement in the celebration. Everyone feels so happy seeing them on the walls. It also adds oomph factor to your photography and videography goals.
  4. 4. Floral Decoration: When it comes to party decoration in Dubai, floral decoration can never be outdated. It adds a subtle tone to your décor and makes spaces look super amazing and attractive. These are the perfect pick for traditional occasions like – weddings, engagements and also for festive season like – Ramadan. Floral decoration is so flattering that it makes the guests feel go crazy and assume as if they are entering heaven.
  5. 5. Chandeliers and lanterns: Want to light up the aura of upcoming celebration? Go for chandeliers and lanterns. The lightening of these décor pieces is really soft which looks soothing to eyes and calms our senses. Here at Fern, we offer interesting range of Chandeliers and lanterns to add a splash of color to your event.
  6. 6. Funky Bar counters and DJ booths. Celebrations without drinks and dance? Naaaah! Make bar counters super attractive by choosing super classy stools and chairs. Guests will love to sip in their drinks while sitting on this ultra-comfy furniture. You can also add a spunk to the fun by setting up amazing and filmy booth inviting everyone to shake their leg till the party ends.
  7. 7. Fancy lounge chairs, pouffes, ottomans: Make your upcoming party celebration whimsical and dreamy by choosing one of a kind yet cosy furniture. They don’t just give rest to the guests when they get tired walking around but also make them feel happy while experiencing this rarely found richness.


party inner

Party Decoration Services in Dubai:

Dubai’s economy is a house of cards. Event industry definitely holds a huge contribution towards it. Dubai is Worldwide renowned for its eccentric party services. Excited to know more about them? Let’s scroll:

  1. 1. Villa Party Decoration: Want to get private for your upcoming celebration? Go for Villa Parties. You can dance, drink, smoke all light long. The villas can be beautifully decorated by arranging comfortable furniture around, placing lowers bouquets on center tables aesthetically and adding stunning lightening effect around swimming pool.
  2. 2. Birthday Party Decoration: Whether you are turning 20 or 40, birthday is always special. You can kickass the birthday celebration by choosing the right theme and heart throbbing party décor. If it’s an outdoor celebration, then choosing wooden furniture can be one of the incredible party decoration ideas. Colored balloon decoration will be cherry on the cake.
  3. 3. Wedding Party Decoration: Weddings are the memorable experience of life and ravishing wedding decoration makes the event more memorable. Wedding events can be decorated with white florals or yellow florals. Candles can also be used for decoration to bring traditional feel for the visitors.
  4. 4. Ramadan Party Decoration: Get your guests into Ramadan Spirit with magnificent Ramadan party decoration in Dubai. Decorate the entrance with balloons and flowers. Arrange cutlery neatly over the food table and the gift table.
  5. 5. Desert Party Decoration: Desert parties have their own unusual fun. You sit with your friends and discuss about your favourite topics, all under glorious sunshine and clear skies. One can decorate the surroundings with curtains, Arabic tents and designer tents. For sitting purpose, you can opt for Kosha sofas.
  6. 6. Boat Cruise Party Decoration: Celebrate your birthday party and anniversary party in style by organizing boat cruise party decoration. You can decorate the boat with crepe ribbons and flowers. Use props to capture the adorable moments of life with perfect pictures.

Party Decoration Items Rent:

If party decoration makes the event look dreamy, furniture adds functionality to the event. Let your guests feel cosy and comfortable by choosing the right furniture items. If you are arranging an event outdoor, then you can opt for tent and benches to create a rustic ambience. While if you’re arranging an indoor event, then Kosha Sofa, Pouffes and Ottomans can be your choice.

Tents bring a great appeal and a pleasant ambience if you’re hosting a party event in deserts. Depending upon the event you’re hosting, you can opt for bar décor. The bar décor can be empowered with the perfect amalgamation of lightening, colors and projections, creating different visual effects.

Plan your next event with Fern Event Rentals

Fern Event rental is one of the most trustworthy event rental companies in Dubai offering top notch rental items for events whether it’s furniture, party decoration items or props. Our team is staffed with most detail – oriented and creative individuals who help you to organize impactful and unforgettable events.

At Fern Event Rentals, we take pride in going the extra miles with you ensuring that your event remains up to the mark and you receive loads and loads of appreciation for your work.


Q1. Have you ever worked with brands?
Ans. Yes many times! Dubai Police, Armani, Emaar and Emirates Hospitals are some of the brand names with whom we have worked in past.

Q2. What are your days of working?
Ans. We work 24 x 7, 365 days.

Q3. Besides décor and props, do you also offer equipment and fixtures?
Ans. Yes! Of course! AC Fan Coolers, Heaters, Refrigerators and Showcases/Mirrors are some of the premier equipment and fixtures offered by us.

Q4. Besides eventing rentals, any other service you cater to your customers?
Ans. Yes, we also rent furniture for office premises at an affordable price.

How to Host Your Outdoor Event in the times of the COVID pandemic?

jmi210073audioa thumb

As we start to venture out into the stages of reopening UAE following the COVID-19 pandemic, we can observe possibility for your events to take place! Indeed, we too are excited to get back into being part of some incredible events just in time in the beautiful summer weather. Fern Event Rentals is sharing essential tips and tricks on how to successfully host your events in your backyard, that could be a birthday, graduation, bridal shower or holiday party; and we are all set to get into the planning process and offer you a seamless experience.
Step 1: Understanding the Laws
Before you start planning your event, it is important that you understand the laws and abide to them. Get information about regulations on the number of guests one is allowed to have at an event. In fact, it is important for the sake of keeping your guests safe and at the same time, avoid fines or getting your event shut down abruptly.
Step 2: Fix your Location
We strive to have the opportunity of putting creative efforts with our outdoor events! Look for the areas that allow venues that offer spacious outdoor spaces to set up a tent, or you can also choose your own backyard; either way your outdoor set up can any time get transformed into a beautiful event with decor and florals.
Step 3: Including Décor and Florals
This is perhaps our favourite part. Transforming the outdoor space into a party space with decor and florals is destined to make your guests feel special, especially after being quarantined in the lockdown period! You can in fact, add lounges, bars, photo opportunities and much more! It’s amazing to see how beautiful an outdoor event could be transformed into with added florals, props and other décor. Check our website or Instagram page to see how we lead your event to success with exclusive range of high quality furniture, props, décor etc.