What to Know About Outdoor Patio Heaters

What to Know About Outdoor Patio Heaters

Our lives have become inactive during winter. But occasionally, there isn’t a choice. Outdoor patio heaters can help with that. With winter, our lives become sedentary and we don’t have any choice regarding this. But occasionally, there isn’t a choice. Outdoor patio heaters can help with that.

What Are Patio Heaters?

It is a burner mounted on a pole that burns propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas, or any combination thereof. The flames are directed against a perforated metal screen. Around the appliance, heat is emitted in a circular pattern from the screen’s surface.

The heat that would otherwise escape upwards is reflected by a reflector on top of the burner. This is so because the reflecting hood is typically silvered, which makes it excellent at reflecting infrared radiation but poor at absorbing heat.

Because silvered surfaces do not absorb infrared light, the amount of heat lost through conduction is decreased. The chimenea, which burns wood rather than gas, is an alternative to the patio heater for indoor use.

Types of Patio Heaters

  • Gas Patio Heaters
  • Electric Patio Heaters
  • Solid Fuel Patio Heaters

How does a patio heater work?


1. Gas Patio Heaters


The most widely used gas heaters are LPG burners, which can be seen in pubs, bar gardens, and smoking areas, like our well-liked Athena+ gas patio heater. These LPG burners are more expensive than comparable models and use liquid petroleum. They are more suitable for larger commercial environments because they are typically quite bulky and more expensive when compared to the cost of electricity.

LPG burners, like our well-liked Athena+ gas patio heater, are the most widely used gas heaters and can be found in pubs, bar gardens, and smoking areas. These LPG burners cost more than similar ones because they use liquid petroleum. They typically have a bulky appearance, are more expensive when compared to the cost of electricity, and are best suited for larger commercial settings.

2. Electric Patio Heaters


Electric patio heaters are not only very efficient, but they also don’t release any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Compared to gas patio heaters, electric heaters consume 85% less energy. Electric heaters are also completely odor- and toxin-free, which is very advantageous. These silent heaters are also renowned for being very cost-effective, producing heat instantly with the simple flip of a switch.

The concept of electricity and water mixing is typically of utmost importance when purchasing an outdoor appliance, such as a patio heater. Even in torrential downpours, many of the available patio electric heaters are well-insulated and can be used. They also won’t deteriorate if left outside for an extended period of time.

The safest and most efficient way to heat an outdoor space is with a typical outdoor electric heater, like the Shadow 2kW XT Heater shown above, which costs about 36p/kW/hour to operate. By oscillating to heat as much space as possible, our Shadow XTO Heater is one of the most energy-efficient electric patio heaters on the market. The simplest way to guarantee that everyone stays warm outside is with electric heaters. Simply plug it in and turn it on to get started. Electric heaters are the new standard because they produce no odors, require no storage, and make no noise.

3. Solid Fuel Patio Heaters


A solid fuel burner, which can take many different forms, including fire pits and log burners, is the third kind of patio heater. However, they typically use a controlled fire made of wood logs or pellets. These types of heaters offer a campfire-like experience and produce a really lovely environment for those seated nearby. They do, however, produce a lot of smoke, which, if inhaled for an extended period of time, can make you feel breathless, odorous (from the continuous stream of smoke), and generally quite unhealthy.

People trying to stay warm around a fuel burner will find it less useful due to practical considerations. It takes some time for these kinds of garden heaters to ignite and reach a comfortable temperature. They are also much more difficult to keep running all night long and require constant maintenance. Additionally, they are less desirable in professional settings where safety and health considerations might take precedence.

Should You Buy or Rent a Patio Heater?

Nothing beats relaxing on your patio while remaining warm and cozy. You cannot, however, remain outside for very long after the sun sets in some circumstances and environments. The temperature drops significantly, and it gets very cold. It can be difficult to leave the house at times, let alone to sit outside and unwind. Interestingly, renting a patio heater will allow you to maximize your available space.

The biggest disadvantage of patio heaters is their price. so, renting is always a good option in the case of a patio heater.



The age-old tip of wearing more clothing is the simplest way to make sure everyone is warm outside, as this will minimize the need for additional heat from your outdoor heating equipment.

Patio heaters are a great choice to add comfort and joy to your party, and you can easily reserve one using  fern.ae


Q. Is a Patio Heater Worth It?

Ans. Heaters can change the temperature by 5 to 10 degrees, so they can keep you warm outside even during the chilly winter months.

Q. Are Patio Heaters Safe?

Ans. Yes, patio heaters are very safe for outdoor uses, you just need to know the right techniques to use them.

Q. How Many Patio Heaters Do I Need?

Ans. The unit of patio heaters is based on the size of space you want to cover with heaters.

Top Benefits of Gas Heater Rentals

Gas Heater 1

Temperatures in the UAE fluctuate from 40 to 45 degrees during the day to less than 5 degrees at night. During the cold winters in the UAE and the desert evenings, gas heaters are the most popular choice for keeping guests warm.

Gas heaters also come in a portable option allowing those travelling or spending the night in the desert to stay in warm comfort during the night.

If you don’t have the proper knowledge, picking the right gas heater for your needs may be difficult. This blog describes the features to consider when renting or purchasing an electric heater.

Let’s first understand how does a Gas Heater work?
A Gas Heater produces heat by burning natural gas or propane.
A heat exchanger in the heater warms the cold air drawn in from the ducts of the room or area where it’s placed. After that, ducts are used to distribute the heated air around the room, while an outdoor vent lets the furnace’s exhaust escape.

If you don’t currently have gas lines in your space, installing them can increase the cost of your natural Gas Heater and add to your other expenses. However, Gas Heaters for your space are more affordable to run, give the pleasure and convenience of swiftly warming up areas, and are excellent for chilly climates.

 Types of Gas Heater

Now understand the Types of Gas Heater. There are two types of Gas Heaters – Portable (unflued) & Flued. Let’s go through this table:


Portable (unflued) heaters Flued gas heaters
 Gas connection Plugged into a bayonet with a
gas hose
Installed into the home and connected
to the mains or an LPG bottle
 Good to know Provides instant heat for
medium-sized rooms
Heats mid-large size rooms and can
be programmable
 Emissions Into the room Carried outside by flue
 Watch points Inefficient for open plan homes
Water vapours can cause mould
Can’t move them around Can be
  Who loves it Handy for renters because
you can pack it
Popular in apartment buildings and
open plan homes


How it heats Good to know
Portable Radiant (direct heat) Manually operated electronic ignition (battery)
Cheaper to buy than convector or combo
  Convectors (fan-forced) Distributes heat more widely than radiant
Many come with thermostat and remote controls
  Combination (direct heat and air)  

Best of both worlds



Wall heaters

Fan forced  

Recessed into a wall or on its surface Slimline look


Central heating


Ducted into floor or ceiling


Flexibility to heat your entire home or selected areas Control the heat distribution, temperature and timing  Can be inserted to existing opening, installed from scratch, or freestanding


Gas fires Flued gas vents


No need for wood chopping!


What are the benefits of Gas Heater Rentals?

The benefits of renting a Gas Heater are as follows:

Cost Effective: Renting Gas Heaters are cost-effective as buying new Gas Heaters can be a costly affair. Renting has always been cost-effective, which saves you from unnecessary expenditure as you can rent Gas Heaters at a significantly lower price. Choose Fern event rentals to get the best price possible.

Hassle-Free: Finding a sizable amount of money to buy Gas Heaters can be quite stressful. However, no such issues exist when renting Gas Heaters. Once the rental period is finished, returning the Gas Heater is simple and hassle-free. Additionally, there is the option to rent to own the Gas Heaters at the end of your lease, saving you the trouble of having to buy something that is unsuitable for you.

Saves logistics costs:  Gas Heaters rentals can be delivered to your home fast and conveniently with free delivery. Renting Gas Heaters is cost-effective because you won’t have to move them, saving time & effort.

Long or Short Term: The idea of rental Gas Heaters is suitable for both the short and long term. Gas Heaters can be rented for a flexible time, from weeks to months, according to the renter’s needs. The Gas Heaters can be returned at the end of the lease with no more to pay. Or can be bought outright for a small additional cost.

No Upkeep Charges: Storage, maintenance, and repair of Gas Heaters will not be an issue. So don’t worry. Fern rentals will gladly replace any Gas Heaters you receive from us if you are not entirely happy. If you are not quite pleased with any Gas Heaters you receive from us, we will be happy to replace them. Our quality control division fixes to showroom grade. Our expert operations crew ensures that the Gas Heaters appear just like in the catalogue.

Flexibility: Given how time-consuming and difficult it is to arrange Gas Heaters, Gas Heaters rentals offer great flexibility. The needs of our customers change frequently. Gas heater rentals give you a degree of flexibility that outright purchases do not.

What factors should you consider before choosing your Rental Gas Heater?

It would help if you considered the following factors before renting a Gas Heater:

Size Matters: How big is the area you’re heating? Before renting, look into the warming capacity of a Gas Heater. The term “warming capacity” of a heater refers to the room’s size and the heating rate.

One kWh of output typically heats 10 square meters; however, specifics such as ceiling height, insulation, sunlight, window type, and size can affect this.

Cold & Flue: Before renting, please check whether Unflued gas space heaters are allowed or not. Your heater’s flue is a pipe that lets exhaust gases go outside. Flued systems include decorative log heaters, space heaters, wall furnaces, and ducted heater systems.

Ducted or central heating system: Look into whether the Gas heater is ducted or has a central heating system. Ducted is ideal for spaces like rooms, and Central heating is best for large spaces like halls.


The points mentioned above will help executives & people from the hospitality industry to consider which type of Gas Heater is beneficial for their uses—renting Gas Heater for is beneficial rather than spending money on purchasing it—saving significant amount of time and money. But finding a suitable rental partner can be a daunting task. Here, Fern Event Rentals, a reputable business in Dubai, can help you with your Gas Heater rentals needs. We provide multiple varieties of Gas Heaters according to our client’s requirements at the best price possible.


Important Things to Know When Renting Portable Electric Heaters

Important Things to Know When Renting Portable Electric Heaters

UAE has wide fluctuating temperatures, ranging from 40-45 degrees during the day to less than 5 degrees at night. Electric heaters are the most preferred way to ensure guests are kept warm during the desert nights and UAE winters.

Electric heaters also come in a portable option allowing those who are travelling or spending the night at the dessert to stay in warm comfort during the night. Portable electric heaters also come in use for outdoor evening events such as marriages, outdoor parties or lawn-based events.

Choosing the right electric heater for your needs could be confusing if you do not have the correct information about it. This blog details out what are the aspects one should look for while renting or buying an electric heater.

What is Electric Heater? And why do we need it?

Let us understand how electric heaters work. It is an electric device that converts electric energy into heat energy through resistors. It controls the temperature with the help of an adjustable thermostat which adjusts the heat settings as per requirement. We need electric heaters to keep our room warm as it converts the cold air to hot air through heating powers.

Key Features of electric heaters

Portability– A portable electric fan heater can be used at the home, office or outside. You can easily carry it easily as per your requirement. Space heaters are small and compact heaters used to heat a single small or medium-sized room.

Temperature monitoring and Control:-The overheating protection feature of electric heaters monitors and controls the room’s temperature according to the user’s need.”

Energy Efficient:- Energy efficiency is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about electric heaters. Due to advanced technology, we now have energy-efficient electric heaters in the market.

Design and Flexibility: The adjustable thermostat in electric heaters allows it to adjust automatically as per requirements.

The electric heater can also be controlled via remote, making it easy to operate with just a click of a button.

Kinds of Electric Heater

Several electric heaters are available, but this blog will list the common ones.

Space Heaters: It is small and compact, mainly used to warm small enclosed areas like a study room, bedroom etc.

Infrared Heaters: This electric heater acts like the sun and emits gentle and constant heat. It has a high-temperature body and uses electromagnetic radiation to transfer heat to lower temperature body.

Convection Heater: It uses convection currents to produce heat, and when the hot air mixes with cold air in the room, it slowly warms the room. It is an ideal electric heater for medium-sized rooms.

Ceramic Heater:  Typically used to heat small rooms and offices. Ceramic heaters use a heating element with a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) to heat the room.

Fan Heater: It is also known as a blow heater which uses a fan to blow hot air. It warms the surroundings faster as compared to electric heaters without fans. It also comes as remote control portable heaters in the market.

Wall Mounted Electric Heater: It provides an alternate solution to the traditional chimney to heat the room. It can be fitted on a wall and emits comfortable background heat. It can be controlled by remote and timers which provides an energy-efficient way to heat the room.

What are the essential things to know when renting portable electric heaters?

Keep these four factors in your mind before renting a portable electric heater.

Heating Ability

Choose the electric heater as per your requirement. If you want to use it for a large room or auditorium, you may need Convection heaters, whereas if you need it for small spaces, then Radiant and Fan-forced heaters could be a better option.

Energy Efficiency

Always check the (EER) Energy Efficiency Rating of the electric heater before renting. We recommend you to use heaters with low wattage and adjustable thermostats, which will eventually minimize the power consumption of the electric heater and save you from high electricity bills.


It is one of the crucial things that people generally ignore. You should never overlook this feature. Almost all electrical appliances make noise, and you should check the amount of noise the electric heater produces before buying one.

Safety Features

One should not avoid safety features even if it costs a few more bucks because slight safety ignorance can cause significant damage. Make sure you choose electric heaters with a shockproof and cool-to-touch body. Fern Event Rentals provides electric heaters with advanced features like a shockproof outer surface and instant heating feature, which quickly heat the area and control the temperature with an automatic heat setting.

Keep in Mind these Safety Tips for Electric Heater Rentals

  • Never touch the electric heater while wearing wet clothes.
  • Always keep the electric heater away from water and moisture.
  • Don’t use electric heaters to dry wet clothes (like socks, soggy gloves, coats etc.) even for a few minutes. It may cause damage to the heater.
  • Never let the heater unattended in the room.
  • Never place an electric heater close to flammable materials like plastic bags, papers, vinyl sheets, etc.
  • Do not place wires of the electric heater under rugs and carpets because it may damage the wire and cause a fire.
  • Please keep your pets away from the fan heater; it may cause electric shock and burn to your pets.
  • Do not run an electric heater overnight. Always use it in intervals which prevent it from overheating and short circuits.

Why Choose Fern?

Why spend more money to buy an electric heater when you can rent it at affordable rates? Generally, renting is always an affordable option that people use, which doesn’t put the burden of hefty costs on their pocket. You can choose Fern Event Rentals to rent the best available portable electric heaters according to your specific requirement.

Finding an ideal rental partner who will save both your money and time would be a difficult task. But don’t worry, we are your saviour. Now rent portable electric heaters at the best price all across UAE. Be it your grand late-night marriage ceremony in Dubai or to provide comfortable warmth to your guests at a five-star hotel in Sharjah. We take care of all.

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