Host the New Year Party With Stunning Decoration

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Bang Bang! Just a few days more and our World will be painted with the fragrance of New Year! Why not welcome the fresh beginning on a memorable note? Let the magic happen on the New Year eve.  Let’s host the party of the year! The first thing which pops up into our mind is the food menu and guest list, but amidst all this, don’t overlook New Year decoration planning. Remember décor sets the mood and instils joyfulness to groove all over the night. Whether you are hosting a party to a small circle of your closest friends or the entire throng within your networking, the barren spaces must be transformed into a veritable bash with the crafty New Year decoration ideas.

So, turn your countdown into a glittery affair by following the given New Year Party decoration ideas:

New Year Party Decoration Ideas: 


  1. Mirror Disco Balls hanging by roof: There is nothing better than mirror disco balls if you want to add ravishing effect to the party. They are made up of hundreds of tiny mirrors which reflect light throughout spaces. When the guests will enter into the party venue, they will be spellbound seeing the fascinating disco balls creating sparkle all around.
  2. Tie metallic Balloons in corners: Add a glossy and a dynamic touch to the New Year Celebration with metallic balloons. These charming balloons are made of natural rubber latex and filled with helium which brings airy effect to the décor around. These one-of-a-kind balloons are available in intense colors which add a classy look to the New Year party decoration.
  3. Backdrop with Cheers Banner: Celebrate a special occasion of New Year in style with Golden glitter banner ‘Cheers.” Moment your guests will enter the party venue and look at this sparkling banner, they will feel enthusiastic to celebrate the last day of this year. Moreover, everyone will enjoy taking selfie in front of it and won’t resist posting on social media platforms to seek appreciation and fame.
  4. Arabic/Metallic Lanterns: Elegant and exotic lanterns always evoke the warmth of the celebration, making them one of the best New Year decoration ideas. If you have arranged a New Year Party set up on terrace or in park, Arabic/metallic lanterns are must to install stealing away the heart of every visitor. The soothing light beaming around will mesmerise them to no end.
  5. Quirky wall decoration: New Year celebration is all about shaking a leg beyond midnight. Decorate walls with beautiful photo frames in which people are partying or you can add quirky elements like bow, confetti, masks. You can also leave a space where people can simply write about their New Year resolutions and wish everybody Happy New Year. The host can also furnish countdown wall to ring in the New Year feel.
  6. Adorn food tables with fuming candles: Add a touch of romance and sophistication to the overall setting of the New Year party with fuming candles. It will bring a wonderful experience to the person whoever will come closer to the table to serve food.
  7. Groom up the bar in a trendy fashion: Set up a festive bar cart this New Year in a funky way. Keep the bar enlightened using LED lights and arrange the cocktails in a cabinet or revolving globes, whatever you like the most. Keep the backdrop fascinating by placing a statement art or a funny quote. Make the bar serving table glamorous with decorative patterns and embellishments.

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New Year Party Eve Supplies:

Hosting a warm welcome celebration for the New Year is about dazzling up each and every element of party. Let this celebration be fun filled with interesting New Year party eve supplies. Have a look:


  1. Party hats: Party without something magnificent on your head, makes the party vibes dull and boring. New Year party hats immerse the celebration jitters and bring euphoria and whimsy to the gatherings. Especially, kids enjoy wearing funky hats and enjoy looking at each other’s faces.
  2. New Year paper glass: Don’t forget to arrange for New Year glasses. Keep them on the entrance table, so that at the time of entering, the invitee will grab and wear it. Guests will definitely enjoy clicking their selfie and changing DPs of their social media handles.
  3. Eye New Year party masks: Raise the New Year party toast while wearing a spunky Eye New Year mask. Curated with exquisite workmanship and detailing, the eye masks bring festivity to your attire and garner attention for its fascinating design pattern.
  4. New Year Head Bands: Get your hair cute touch with ravishing head bands. There are a range of head bands available. They may feature glittery flowers, glittery stars, sparkling horns or a New Year quote. These bands look extra tantalising and become the epicentre of attraction for everyone present in the party.
  5. Party Popper: When the clock strikes at midnight, party popper emerges as the best thing to collect the crowd together and welcome New Year with full enthusiasm. The loud noise adds the oomph factor and the confetti flies around bringing a magical feeling. Kids love to be surrounded by the confetti bits and enjoy catching them in their fists.

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Fern Event Rentals: #1 New Year Party Decoration Rental Company in Dubai

Pulling off a successful New Year Eve is not a cake walk, you have to arrange of lot of things. In order to help you up with spectacular New Year Decoration, Fern Event Rentals offers quality renting equipment like – candle holders, Kiosk/PVC tents, frame mirrors, photo booths, lounge chairs, sofas and many more. In case you are arranging a New Year Party on a large scale, then we can help you with essential furniture items like – heaters, crowd control and barriers, refrigerators and other crucial event accessories. Come, contact us today and create an event that is memorable, beautiful and fits all your needs.


 Q1. How can I decorate my New Year at home?

Ans. Well it depends very much on the dimensions and interior of your homes, but simple ideas like hanging craft, placing a giant wall clock, hanging foil balloons and showcasing the upcoming year calendar are some of the amazing ways to celebrate New Year. Besides this, don’t forget to put a New Year Banner to honour the beginning of the New Year.

Q2. What is the best theme for a New Year Celebration?

Ans. Celebrity theme is one of the brightest choices where everyone will dress up like a celebrity and act like him/her. Another option is Casino party where everyone enjoys playing cards, gossiping and eating what they love the most. Sleep-over is also a great theme if you want to just chill out with a close – knit friends. Create a playlist of your favourite tunes from the past and jam out whole night.

Q3. At what time New Year eve party starts?

Ans.  New Year party starts between 9 PM to 11 PM and mostly goes till 3’o clock in the evening.

Q4. What all do you require to host a New Year Party?

Ans. Great drinks, delicious food, nice wall decoration, classy crockery and groovy playlist are some of the pre-requisites of a New Year party.

Q5. What are a list of things that we can rent out for a New Year evening?

Ans. Chandeliers, Arabic tents, Bar tables, DJ booths, LED lights, Dining tables are the things that we rent out for a New Year evening and help you make most of this day with your near and dear ones.