Why Choose Furniture Rental In Dubai Wedding Packages?

Furniture Rental

When planning a wedding, thousands of thoughts come to our minds about choosing a venue, renting or buying furniture, decoration requirements, catering service, and other expenses. Planning a successful wedding could cost you heavily if you buy new items for everyone and other requirements. Everything seems so costly at the wedding, from decorating flowers to jewelry, that sometimes it becomes difficult for us to manage our expenses, and we need more money.

Dubai is one of the popular wedding destinations due to its sparking golden ballrooms, desert ceremonies, sandy beaches, and lavish hotels. This blog will be a complete guide for anyone looking for rental furniture and Dubai wedding packages to save time and money. You can explore various Dubai wedding packages available and choose the best ones per your needs and requirements.

Why Choose Rentals over Buying in Dubai Wedding?

  • Renting is an excellent choice for your marriage. When you rent, you enjoy the benefits of a new one without spending hefty prices.
  • You also do not need to deal with the hassles of maintenance and upkeep.
  • No closing costs or down payments are involved in renting, so you can move around without paying hefty fees upfront.
  • Renting is more convenient than buying as you just need to choose what you want and rental companies care for everything.

Best Dubai Wedding Furniture and Decor Rentals 

  1. Wedding Chairs:– Choose from 26 different and unique wedding chairs available in multiple color options. You can choose as per your need and requirements. All these chairs are made of sturdy and fine materials, which add beauty to your wedding.
  2. Kosha Sofa Lounges: Choose from 22 unique Kosha Sofa lounges for your wedding needs. Available in multiple color options and suits your budget.
  3. Dining Tables: We have more than 16 types of dining tables available for every kind of occasion. Be it a birthday party, dessert party, marriage ceremony, or memorable occasion. Choose the best one that suits your budget and requirements.
  4. Coffee Tables:  Explore 29 different types of coffee tables for your Dubai wedding. Available in different color options
  5. Dance Floors: It is a must-have for every marriage occasion and party. No celebration is complete without dance floors. Choose from unique and luxurious dance floors for your wedding.

Kosha/ Stage Decor


Kosha/stage decor is something inseparable from a Dubai wedding. Make your wedding look grand and luxurious with unique stage decors. You can also explore for Lanterns, Candle Holders, Chandeliers, Fancy Lighting, and Props in your Dubai wedding packages.

Wedding Props


  1. Arches & Entrances: Check our unique arches specially made for your Dubai wedding.
  2. Center Pieces: We offer more than luxurious centerpieces for various occasions, such as birth ceremonies, marriage anniversaries, wedding occasions, ring ceremonies, and more.
  3. Swings: Swings add extra beauty and luxuriousness to your wedding. Check unique swings for your wedding.
  4. Mandap: Mandap is the center of attraction in every marriage ceremony. We spend a lot to make the mandap beautiful and unique according to the theme. Make your marriage memorable and extravagant with the best mandap from Fern.ae.

Fern: Furniture Rental For Dubai Wedding

Why spend more money buying elegant furniture when renting is within your reach? Renting furniture is the best option, saving time, money, and energy. We care for everything, so you don’t have to worry about storage or delivery. From setting up chairs for the event to packing away the furnishings, we do it all.

Discover the large selection of furniture for indoor or outdoor events, desert parties, baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings. It would be challenging to locate the right rental partner, which will help you save time and money. But not anymore! With Fern Event Rentals, hiring furniture is now simple! You can locate the best-priced, elegant rental furniture for your events anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.


How much would it cost to organize a decent wedding in Dubai?

Ans. Generally, it would cost you between Dh 50,000 to Dh90,000 to organize a decent and lavish wedding in Dubai. However, it may increase as per your needs and requirements.

How much would it cost to rent furniture in Dubai for marriage?

Ans. To know how much it would cost to rent furniture in Dubai for a wedding, contact us anytime at +971 5017 24 365. We are available 24* 7.