Wedding Decoration Trends You Need to Know in 2022

So, these days your legs are not on Earth, your mind always day dreams and your eyes search for only one face…. Hmmm….. The effects of wedding jitters! Why not! After all, wedding is one of the most special events of our lives. From making guests’ list to buying new clothes to deciding the honeymoon destination, everything looks so charming. But, your heart beats faster when you think of wedding decorations because you want to treasure the beautiful memories of this beautiful day as a fairy tale. No worries! We’ll be helping you out in this matter from the core of our heart! Check out our article exclusively based on “Wedding Decoration.” Let’s get started.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Every bride-to-be and groom-to-be’s struggle is real who want their wedding décor be like a paradise. The given wedding decoration ideas would definitely give your décor goals extra miles and leave a long lasting impression on you and all your guests. Have a look:

  1. Offbeat white floral decoration: If you want the space of your big day to feel like a Palace of a Princess, then white floral arrangement is what you should go for. These can be put in the big Golden Vasses at the entrance, corners of the party hall and also in the small golden pots placed on the guests’ tables. Wedding floral objects can be made with the help of white flowers like – an elephant, horse or a white chariot. These objects make the empty spaces fuller in an elegant way.
  2. Arabic lanterns for outdoor decoration: Arabic lanterns add special tone and ambience to the outdoor wedding decoration Dubai. They bring out the rustic appeal and become the focal point in any space. The warm light casts a beautiful pattern of lightening and creates excellent illumination with warm atmospheres.
  3. Golden Amber Chandeliers for royal wedding decoration: If ‘magnificence’ and ‘imperial’ are in your mind, then, adorn the roofs of your wedding space with Golden Amber Chandeliers. The shiny chandeliers make the event look classy and spread the vibes of richness all around. People love getting themselves clicked beneath the beauty of Golden lights.
  4. Edgy lightening in geometric patterns: If you and your would-be have an endless love for angular, abstract or graphic, then incorporate geometric feels to the wedding décor. They add urbanite and sophisticated appeal to the décor. The walls of dining area can be furnished with geometric themes. The domes at the entrance can be made of geometric patterns.
  5. Shimmery starry silver strings as the stage backdrop: Stage is the centrepiece of any wedding function. After all, you and your love would be sitting right there and everyone walks up to the stage to congratulate you. So, don’t overlook wedding stage decoration. Go for classmerry silver hanging strings behind the seating of the couple. It’s enlightening effect will be sufficient to allure all your guests. People would be astonished to see how simple Golden strings can successfully complete the stage look.
  6. Flowy drapes: Want to add a tinge of romance to your wedding decoration Dubai? Go for flowy drapes. The pastel colored flowy drapes will take the entire décor to the next level, addressing an ethernal feel. You can also go for multi colored drapes creating a great eye catching detail in your wedding décor. Flowy drapes also look heavenly for wedding stage decoration or mandap inner1

Top Wedding Decorators in Dubai:

Glamor, fascination, exoticism are the words that describe Dubai. It is not just a travel destination for pleasure and business meetings, but it is worldwide known for its one – of – a kind events. Dubai is the growing hub of wedding planners which make sure that all the pieces of puzzle related to wedding decoration fall in place seamlessly and in an effortless fashion. Luxury weddings held in Dubai are not just limited to Arabic weddings, but it also encompasses Hindu weddings, Nigerian Weddings, Buddhist Weddings, Christian Weddings and many more. 

Renowned wedding decorators in Dubai like JAM elegant planners, FABULOUS day, ELEGANT moment, VIVAAH and Marriagement offer bespoke wedding planning services while staying true to traditions and ceremonies. Staffed with wedding experts, these popular wedding companies take care of lightening, wedding stage decoration, entrance decoration and everything in between. 

Fern Event Rentals: A Premier Wedding Event Rental Company in Dubai If you’re looking forward to make your wedding ceremony fabulous within budget, Fern Event Rentals is the name that you must rely upon. According to the wedding theme, we lent out the best decoration items for ceremony area, dining area, stage, entrance and mandap area. You can beautify spaces with our hand-picked decorating items like – intricately designed candle holders, quirky designed tents for outdoor wedding in day time, timeless chandeliers, wonderful frame mirrors and frame photo booth.

wedding inner2

Procure essential equipment and fixture for your upcoming wedding through Fern Event Rentals

We not just fulfil your fantasies of wedding decoration, but we also assist you in procuring seating items – Lounge sofas, Kosha Sofas, Dining Chairs, Ottomans & Pouffes, benches for outdoor wedding, bar stools etc. You can also book carpets and DJ floor from us. If you’re planning to add a mini café in the dining area, then set up coffee tables from us. They are trendy, spacious adding style and function to the space.

Besides this, you can also procure items like – coolers, refrigerators, crowd barriers, heaters and show cases to take care of comfort of guests and let them enjoy your wedding function fully.


Q1. Is Arabic wedding decoration your specialization?
Ans. Yes it is! But we also cater Indian weddings like – Gujarati Weddings, South Indian Weddings, Christian Weddings, Parsi weddings and many more. 

Q2. Around how many days before do we need to contact for wedding rental services?
Ans. You can intimate us 10 days before of your requirement, so that things can fall in place without any hindrance. 

Q3. Do you decorate cake tables as well during wedding reception?
Ans. Yes, we have great ideas when it comes to decorating cake tables during wedding reception. You can approach us for floral decoration or candle lightening.

Q4. What kind of lightening options you have for wedding decoration?
Ans. We offer a gazillion of options when it comes to lightening for wedding decoration Dubai – Chandeliers, LED lightening, DJ lightening, lanterns and exotic candles.

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